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IT organizations require access to in-depth IT benchmarking and best practices that compare organizational processes and practices to those of relevant peers and world-class organizations in terms of costs, productivity, efficiency and cycle time. Traditional IT benchmarking has centered around technology silos such as desktop, mainframe, operating systems and networking. As IT executives have continued to demonstrate their critical role in supporting the business, organizations concluded that focusing on the process of IT can yield high returns. This makes the need for a horizontal view of IT processes increasingly important.

This by the hospitality industry–for the hospitality industry survey began at the 2005 CIO Summit, where 57 percent of CIOs said the current comparative spend data available was poor or inadequate, and 95 percent indicated that they were likely to participate in a comparative spend survey. Meaningful comparative data regarding costs, productivity, efficiency and cycle time are simply not available to the hospitality community. This causes organizations to guess where they stand versus relevant competitors. The Survey is intended to fill this informational gap and arm industry executives with meaningful data that can be used as a credible operational tool for budgeting and other purposes.

In its first two rounds the Hospitality Industry IT Benchmarking Survey has received widespread support from influential members of the hospitality community, including: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide; Global Hyatt; Carlson Hotels Worldwide; The Marcus Corporation; Denihan Hospitality Group; Wyndham Hotel Group; Noble Investment Group; Accor North America; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; Omni Hotels; and MGM MIRAGE.

Jim Lamb, SVP IT of Global Hyatt. said, "Like most technology leaders in the hotel industry, I am under constant pressure to increase the value derived from our IT expenditures. Accurate spending benchmarks for the industry will allow me to assess our spending on IT from the perspective of external market competitiveness as opposed to internal cost containment - a distinction which is critical to delivering strategic value from investments in IT."

Tom Peck, SVP and CIO of MGM Mirage, usually doesn't participate in spend studies. "I am constantly approached by companies asking me to participate in spend surveys and politely decline their overtures, however, in this case, I have made an exception. Having been part of the Survey development process, I believe the Hospitality Industry IT Benchmarking Survey is well conceived and well executed. The data the Survey will provide will enable me to gauge our success in delivering strategic value from our IT investments to our customers, shareholders and business partners."

Todd Thompson, CIO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc, recognizes the critical need for IT spend data. "As someone with an airline background, I was amazed at the lack of available data regarding IT spend and industry-specific best practices. As a CIO in this industry, I am charged with achieving Starwood's strategic objectives and delivering both value and world-class performance from our IT investments. Benchmark data from our own industry is really the only way for me to 'learn by example' from strong performers so I can create a culture of continuous improvement. The Survey is an extremely efficient way to obtain this data."

Mike Sutten, VP/CIO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Survey Steering Committee member, said, "Many of us benchmark our organizations using the venues that are commercially available. We probably all have had similar reactions - why is this so different from my spending profile? After further examining the details, we find that the base data is generated from an oil company conglomerate or an aerospace firm with little or no ties to our hospitality market."

Jane Durment, CIO of The Marcus Corporation, said, "As a management company, I and my executives and owners want to know that I am delivering a very high quality of IT services in a very efficient manner; be it opening new built hotels, or upgrading PMSs for PCI, or HD TVs for greater guest experience. This Survey will provide an excellent industry benchmark to test our own results against."

To ensure respondent confidentiality and data integrity a third-party research firm, Performance Monitor, is employed for gathering and analysis processes.


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