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Feature Article: Feature - Information Security: We’re Doing It Wrong

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) & Robots

  • Eden 2.0
  • Casino Technology

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  • HSMAI Section: Part 1 of 2: We’re Living in a Big Data World (and I am a Big Data…Girl!)
  • HSMAI Section: Day-use Hotel Room Booking Options – An Update
  • HSMAI Section: Emerging Media and xR Issues for Hotels
  • HSMAI Section: Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: Highlights from Part II of the Largest Hotel Distribution Study
  • HSMAI Section: Building a Successful Analytics Team - Part Two
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  • The State of IT
  • What to Read

  • What to Read: aspire… to shine by Renie Cavallari
  • What to Read: The Organized Mind – Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
  • What to Read: Grape Olive Pig by Matt Goulding