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Part 1 in a 4-part series of CIO interviews with Hospitality Upgrade: What was your team's biggest challenge over the last 12 months?

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The Surprise: Celebrating Jon Inge's Retirement from the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Upgrade Interviews: Trends in Hospitality Revenue Management from HSMAI's ROC

Hospitality Upgrade's Recap of HSMAI's 2015 ROC in Austin


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Hospitality Industry CIOs vs. CMOs – HU's Great Debate)   Why So Many Hospitality Industry Executives Attend Hospitality Upgrade's CIO Summit Every Year   Hospitality Upgrade's Hotel CIO Panel from HTNG's 2015 N. American Conference    

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Hospitality Upgrade Interviews: Face to Face with Jim Lamb   AH&LA's John Fitzpatrick, Ron Vlasic and Mike Dickersbach Chat with Hospitality Upgrade   HU's Rich Siegel Interviews Weather Channel EVP/CIO Bryson Koehler  

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SkyTouch Technology Fuels Cobblestone Hotels' Growth   KABA Lodging's Mobile Access Solutions for the Hospitality Industry   Cool New Features from Hospitality Upgrade Magazine