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Ease of Comfort, Ease of Management - HFTP’s model hotel room, GUESTROOM 2010, demonstrates how innovative technology makes the guestroom a destination

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March 01, 2008
Guestroom | Technology
Frank Wolfe

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It’s been three years since the initial work on GUESTROOM 2010 began. The model hotel room was devised to introduce innovative guestroom technology, as well as a forward-thinking room design. The idea for the display came from HFTP hospitality technology member Bob Bennet at the planning meeting for HITEC 2006, but no one could have imagined the impact the room has had since then, nor how far it would travel. Now the GUESTROOM 2010 Advisory Council is putting together the third incarnation of GUESTROOM 2010; and will announce on June 17 plans for a new special exhibit for 2009.

From RFID to Nanotechnology
The goal for GUESTROOM 2010 is to provide a realistic example of how a variety of technologies can be used in a guestroom application — offering comfort and entertainment for the guest, and ease of service for hotel staff. The other goal is to show a broad range of technologies and the possibilities they offer. Each product in GUESTROOM 2010 is carefully chosen to represent technology innovations in design, function, usability, energy efficiency or environmental protection.

In 2006, the room displayed 56 technologies, and the 2007 model offered 71. The hands-on exhibit gives visitors the chance to try out technologies like the Digital Door Viewer™ by First View Security Inc., which allows hotel guests to view an expanded area outside their door with a flat-screen LCD color monitor; and the 21st century bed from Ammique Ltd., which lacks a mattress, offers mood lighting and never wears out. An item to help hotel management includes the Smartcube Minibar by Minibar Systems, a fully automated unit that helps the hotel manage inventory and even offers special pricing at happy hour. Also Axxess Industries, Inc.’s Empty-Food-Tray-Detection System uses trays equipped with special transmitters that communicate with a small receiver located right under the room number on the door. Once the tray is placed outside the room, staff is alerted.

Environmentally-friendly products found in the room are the Quiet Ionic Lighted Hair Dryer by Andis Company, an energy-efficient dryer with a quiet turbo motor and diffused night light and Recyclable Modular Carpet by InterfaceFLOR, eco-friendly carpet tiles composed of a highly-renewable corn-based polymer.

Going Global with GUESTROOM 2010
The inaugural exhibit of GUESTROOM 2010 at HITEC 2006 in Minneapolis, Minn., surpassed expectation. Its follow-up at HITEC 2007 in Orlando, Fla., garnered just as much interest, with crowds all three days of the show. The realistic, hands-on style of the display was a big attraction and a great area of interest to the hospitality technology practitioners who attended HITEC.

Following its opening, HFTP immediately fielded numerous requests to bring GUESTROOM 2010 on tour. While the scale of the exhibit didn’t make it feasible to set up at multiple industry events, it was rebuilt in the falls of 2006 and 2007 for the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show and in August 2007 for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) & The Center Annual Meeting & Exposition. To accommodate other requests, HFTP created a portable presentation detailing the room’s technologies, which has been given at industry events across the globe, including in the UK and China.

What’s Expected for 2008
In 2008, a new design will be introduced at HITEC in Austin, Texas, June 16 – 19. This year’s model will be significantly different from the past two presentations.

The advisory council is accepting applications for technology to populate the room. Hospitality technology suppliers, consumer technology companies, inventors and others who have a technology product that should be considered for display must apply by Friday, March 28. Visit the Web site at guestroom2010.org to read more about the technologies displayed and to get an application.

Frank Wolfe, CAE, is CEO for Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP).


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