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Shift4 Corporation

For 20+ years, Shift4 has been solving the hospitality industry’s most complex payments problems through its technological innovation. Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway features cost-saving auditing, accounting and reporting tools, connectivity to nearly every bank and processor in North America, and 350+ certified integrations to leading POS, PMS, and e-commerce platforms to work across any enterprise. Shift4 supports U.S. and Canadian EMV, all secured by its proprietary and patented P2PE and tokenization solutions.

Years in business
more than 23 years
J.D. Oder II, President/CTO
PCI Compliant

What Makes You Special?

Shift4, innovative authority for secure payment solutions and services, features DOLLARS ON THE NET®, a reliable payment gateway foundation to solve all merchants’ payment objectives.


Shift4 Showcasing "Vacation Tech" for Hospitality at HITEC
Payment services and gateway provider Shift4 Corporation has a goal at this year’s HITEC conference: create more leisure time for providers in the hospitality and leisure industry.
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