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Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking USA, part of the Vertical Booking Group, is a global reservation technology company that meets the needs of chain hotels as well as independent hotels, by optimizing distribution for enhanced revenue. Known for its agility and scalability, Vertical Booking’s innovative technology solutions include a booking engine, business intelligence, a central reservation system, GDS connectivity, channel management, marketing, rate shopping, website design/hosting and spa reservations. For more information, call (503) 343-4263 or email sales@verticalbookingusa.com.

Years in business
Since 1999, 18 years
Mark Lewis-Brown, President/CEO
PCI Compliant

What Makes You Special?

Representing over 4,900 hotels, Vertical Booking is a global reservation technology company that meets the needs of chains and independent hotels by optimizing distribution.


Vertical Booking to Showcase Innovative Hotel Booking Tool Kit at HITEC
Vertical Booking, a recognized leader in global reservation technology, launches the company’s new Booking Engine Tool Kit which assists hoteliers in achieving higher conversion of direct bookings on their hotel’s website.
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