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The HU High Five (E4) - Mark Holzberg

May 18, 2020
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Rich Siegel Talks with Mark Holzberg, President and CEO of Cloud5 Communications, to Find Out What it's Like to be a Technology Vendor During These Unprecedented Times.

How do you move a 500-person company from regular offices to a completely work-from-home environment? How are the hospitality technology vendors faring during these challenging times for the industry? 

In this edition of Hospitality Upgrade’s High Five, Rich Siegel talks to Mark Holzberg, president and CEO of Cloud 5 Communications, a company with two business units including technology and contact center operations that service the hospitality industry.  

Cloud 5 is a 500-employee organization with headquarters in Chicago and Toronto. With regular business and call volume down, they’ve taken some innovative steps during the crisis, reaching out to help states with programs like unemployment and food benefits, taking overflow call volume from taxed government systems. Cloud 5 is also working with hotels that are operating as make-shift hospitals, housing COVID-19 patients in their empty rooms, helping configuring the phone systems to better suit officials’ needs.

 “One of the positive things coming out of this is the amount of industry collaboration we’re seeing … where can you use technology to gain efficiencies and do things that are smarter so that hotels can raise the confidence of guests and get people to start traveling again,” says Holzberg.

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