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The HU High Five (E3) - Ron Strecker

May 4, 2020
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Rich Siegel Talks with Ron Strecker, Chief Financial Officer of AJS Hotels About the State of the Hospitality Industry From A Finance Perspective Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.
In the third edition of Hospitality Upgrade’s High Five video feature, President and Publisher Rich Siegel’s virtual interview heads to horse country to learn more about what’s happening in the hotel industry from a financial angle. Louisville-based AI J Schneider Company CFO Ron Strecker goes on the record with Siegel to talk about everything from closing a hotel to the state of vendor relations in these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Of the three hotels AJS operates, just one was closed completely, and only temporarily while the world weathers the worst of this economic storm. Communication between the brands and the properties has stayed solid, according to Strecker. He said, “It’s been a very good dialog going back and forth … the brands have been up front and quick to get out guidance.”

Strecker says dealings between the hotels and vendors have been relatively smooth and flexible as well, particularly when it comes to continuity of services. “With vendors and key systems, we look at that the same way we look at utilities. There are certain things that you need to have continuing so that when you do gear up again, it’s in place. The vendor community has been very flexible and it’s been a good partnership," Strecker explained.

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