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The HU High Five (E9) - Frank Wolfe

October 22, 2020
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Rich Siegel Talks with Frank Wolfe, CEO of HFTP, to Discuss What It's Like to Host the Biggest Event in Hospitality Technology Virtually

For the first time ever, the biggest event in Hospitality Technology is going virtual. On this edition of the HU High Five Rich Siegel talks with HFTP’s CEO Frank Wolfe about what it’s like to organize and implement this well-attended, hugely popular industry event, exclusively online.

Right now there are 90 exhibitor booths scheduled to open Oct. 27 in the virtual trade show hall, with over 1200 registrants so far, signed up to attend this cutting edge event.

“This is really leading edge technology for our industry … and the response that we’ve gotten, and the support from the industry, has been massive,” said Wolfe, who has 27 years as the CEO of the non-profit organization.

According to Wolfe, the biggest challenge so far has been getting exhibitors comfortable with the technology. “Once people are familiar with it, it’s really very user friendly,” said Wolfe.  

Another first for the popular trade show is the fact that Cyber HITEC 2020 is a 30-day event. “The first three days are live, but the virtual exhibit hall will be open for 30 days, giving attendees the opportunity for more communication and interaction, overall,” said Wolfe.

Registration for CYBER HITEC is open, and Wolfe and event organizers encourage attendees not to wait to register. 

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