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The HU High Five (E12) - Keryn McNamara

April 29, 2021
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Rich Siegel Talks with Keryn NcNamara, VP of Hotel Technology for Aimbridge Hospitality to Find out What Technology Plans Aimbridge has for the Future 

Rich Siegel and Keryn McNamara talk about technology in post-pandemic property management, and how Aimbridge is opening doors for women in tech and which animal makes a better pet, cats or dogs?  

Aimbridge is a global hospitality management company that with 1,500 diverse properties under multiple flags and ownership. In an industry known for dragging its feet when it comes to implementing new technology, successfully managing so many properties is often about taking a positive approach to the issues. "I don’t look at them as challenges so much as great opportunities. Each and every one of our properties is unique and different … we’re really looking to provide the best service and the best experience to all of those properties. it’s not so much about the cookie cutter model, but rather working with our owners to find the best solutions for each property.”

As one of the few women in the technology sector of hospitality, McNamara feels fortunate to work for a company that recognizes the need to bring attention to the issue. “We actually have a pretty large female contingency within our IT group ... and Aimbridge has a wonderful program called WLEADS a women lead organization … it’s about helping each other and empowering each other,” said McNamara.

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