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The HU High Five (E10) - Page Petry

November 25, 2020
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Rich Siegel Talks with Page Petry, Former CIO of the Americas for Marriott International, to Discuss Marriott's Technology Growth Over the Years and Find Out What Page is Up to These Days

In the spirit of the holidays, this edition of The HU High Five has Rich Siegel visiting with a longtime friend in the industry, a person who spent many years with the Marriott International before retiring earlier this year. Page Petry is the former CIO of the Americas for Marriott International.

Much has changed over the years in the hospitality industry, especially when it comes to technology. “When I first started with Marriott, there wasn’t a PMS system … people can’t imagine not having a property management system, but it was paper, so that really takes us back,” said Petry. “By the time I left this year … it went from nothing to everything … because everything is automated today.”

Petry reminisces with Rich about Marriott’s growth over the past few decades, what it was like being instrumental as major brands joined forces and how technology moved the industry forward.

Petry will keep a hand in the industry she loves, even in retirement. “I think of this phase as rewiring myself rather than retiring. It’s the ability to leverage those relationships … and still be a part of an industry that was so influential to me and that I truly enjoyed.”

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