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The 16th annual Executive Vendor Summit has been POSTPONED

More Details on a Reschedule Date Coming Soon!

Interactive attendee-driven session content focuses on four key areas:
~Career/personal/leadership development
~Developing technology strategy as a platform for success
~The business impact of technology
~Private exposés into specific technology disciplines



Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Registration Open - South Pre-Function Optional
6:15 PM - 8:15 PM

Pre- Conference Dinner - ACME Feed & Seed
(meet in lobby at 6:15 to walk to venue)

EVS attendees will enjoy a semi-private dinner on the second floor of this Nashville landmark building overlooking the Cumberland River, with local fare favorites and unique, custom cocktails like the Nashville Smash and Frose. Acme Feed & Seed is where the locals go. Housed in a national treasure built in 1890, respect for history is reflected in all they do. Whether its locally curated items in the Acme Farm Store, a constant stream of artists and bands, or the curated, original country music artifacts that cover the walls, Acme's mission is to stand for, serve, support, share and save Nashville's unique legacy, identity and community.

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Late Night Networking - Outdoor Terrace


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Early morning self-guided run - Meet In Lobby
Runs will be catered to the participants' speeds and interests.
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Registration Open - South Pre-Function

3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Pre- Conference Activity - Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

This unique quest begins at the beautiful, brand new Drury Plaza Hotel in the heart of downtown Nashville and takes you through the city and past Nashville’s famous landmarks, while also providing a glimpse of the city's lesser-known treasures. Everyone will be divided into teams of five, each with its own golf cart and driver. The hunt route will trace through the streets of Music City -- past crowded honky-tonks and unique historic landmarks alike, as participants cross scavenger hunt challenges off the list. Who will come in first place? This fast-paced race through the city is sure to bring out the competitive nature of attendees, all while unprecedented networking takes place among industry peers. 

Optional   Optional
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Registration Open - South Pre-Function
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

First-Time Attendee Reception - Tyne Room Optional
6:30 PM - 7:15 PM

Icebreaker & Reception

7:15 PM - 10:00 PM

Welcome Dinner - Belle & Meade
10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Late Night Networking - Outdoor Terrace Optional

Thursday, March 26, 2020

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Early morning self-guided run - Meet in Lobby (Complimentary)
Runs will be catered to the participants' speeds and interests.
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Registration Open - South Pre-Function
7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

BREAKFAST - Belle & Meade 

8:15 AM - 8:25 AM

Summit Welcome - Belmont Ballroom
Welcome from Rich and Frank

8:25 AM - 9:25 AM

Crisis Averted? Sound planning during COVID-19  
You can’t escape the Coronavirus, not even here at the self-proclaimed safest event gathering on earth. With hysteria on every news channel how should the travel, hospitality and events industries react? Amid the grocery store hoarding and a falling stock market, we strike to balance public safety and the reality of a bottom line. What are the impacts you’re seeing in your own business today? Is ‘economic downturn’ or global pandemic a formal component of your business continuity plan? Grab some of that free hand sanitizer we handed you at registration and let’s fist bump through this together.
Moderator: Mark Hoare, Partner, Prism Hospitality Consulting

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Forecast Beyond 2020 - Belmont Ballroom

Will the current US economic growth continue, or should "caution" be the word of the day? Jan will share the state of the hotel industry and slice and dice the hotel performance data by class, market and segment. He will comment on the construction pipeline and lay out the 2020 and 2021 US RevPAR forecast. There will be ample time for Q/A.  Jan has read Hospitality Upgrade since he was a freshman at Cornell and Rich published on that terrible, but memorable, yellow paper.  He was a teaching assistant for Dick Moore and a summer intern for Sherry Marek and John Cahill in the olden days. He knows that the original Fidelio database was called “fstamm”.  He does not own a race horse.

Speaker - Jan Freitag, STR
10:30 AM - 10:45 AM

BREAK Optional
10:45 AM - 11:45 PM

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) vs. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
California recently joined the ranks of consumer privacy regulators. The CCPA, GDPR, and similar laws put pressure on software developers to create solutions with privacy and security in mind. GDPR has been in effect for nearly two years and many companies prepared for that legal framework. Many of those same companies believe that GDPR compliance equals CCPA compliance, and this may explain why the CCPA has arrived with less trepidation. Development teams need to take ownership of privacy and security issues to embed protections into product development in early development. This presentation will help prepare developers and explain the CCPA primarily comparing the crucial differences between the two most important consumer privacy regulations.
Speaker – Sean B Cox, Esq., CIPP-US, CIPT -  Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

11:45 PM - 12:05 PM

Merger Acquisition Mini Session - Belmont Ballroom

What happens when two competing companies merge -- especially when no one knows about it? This will be all about the impact of mergers and lessons learned, at least the ones we can share.

Speaker - Daniel Montellano, Shift4 Payments
12:05 PM - 1:00 PM

LUNCH -  Belle & Meade
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

The Arsonist in the Office 

You may be one rogue bad hire or one broken culture away from burning down your company and culture, or one wrong move from seeing your career go up in flames. Pete Havel knows, because it happened to him. Pete will talk about tools and tactics employers and employees can use to protect themselves and their organizations against toxic people and cultures that destroy careers, morale, productivity, reputations and financial success.

Speaker, Pete Havel, Author 
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Uncomfortable Topics

Turn off the phones, stop the recording, ask the attorneys to cover their ears and shutter the cameras! This session is designed to discuss the uncomfortable topics that those in business have to deal with in todays age. This session will consist of "here's what happened with real life examples and practical takeaways." From his education in counseling and his years with HFTP, Frank Wolfe, CAE, FIH, CEO of HFTP will lead his peer to peer discussion addressing subjects like staff interventions, workplace harassment, staff protection from stalkers, employees dating customers and other uncomfortable toics that can bring your enterprises to a halt.

Moderator: Frank Wolfe, CEO, HFTP

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

3:30 PM - 3:45 PM

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Round Table/Summit Sound Off: What Questions Do You Have for Your Peers in the Industry? - Belmont Ballroom

The annual roundtable will include other members of the industry who will participate and can be put "on the spot." This is a great opportunity to voice problems, challenges and solution ideas. Participation is required! Submit your roundtable topic ideas at the registration table when picking up your attendee badge.

Moderator - John Burns, President, Hospitality Technology Consulting
6:15 PM

Meet in Lobby to Walk to Dinner
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Reception & Dinner
Rock Bottom Brewery
Meet in the lobby at 6:15  

EVS attendees will enjoy a rooftop evening at Rock Bottom Brewery, located right in the heart of Nashville on Broadway. The evening will kick off with a relaxed cocktail hour and be followed by some good southern cookin’ on this private rooftop--guaranteed to be one of the best views of downtown Nashville.

Rock Bottom hails itself as a “tank to table” brewery where all beers are brewed on-site by their heroes, er...Brewers.  The Brewers craft fresh beer inspired by their very own experiences and they take the term craft beer seriously.  It's part Art, part Science, and part Unbridled Obsession that makes them devote their lives to beer making.

Following dinner the night continues, as Rock Bottom is only a short walk from the Music City Center, Bridgestone Arena, Ryman Auditorium, Ascend Amphitheater, Nissan Stadium, Cumberland River Music City Walk of Fame Park and other major downtown attractions.
10:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Late Night Networking - Outdoor Terrace Optional

Friday, March 27, 2020

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Early morning self-guided run - Meet in Lobby (Complimentary)
Runs will be catered to the participants' speeds and interests.
8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

BREAKFAST - Belle & Meade
8:45 AM - 9:30 AM

The Future of Travel - Belmont Ballroom

Ever wonder what the future of travel will look like in 5 or 10 years?  Delta’s VP of Innovation and Operations Technology Matt Muta will join us to share some of the exciting technologies coming to the world of travel. From facial recognition boarding options, to seat-back screens that become personal assistants, and the first ever Parallel Reality departure boards, Delta is truly making waves in the world of technology. Matt will walk us through what the future of travel will look like and how it will impact our travel plans in ways we have yet to imagine.  

Speaker: Matt Muta, VP Innovations & Operations Technology, Delta Air Lines

9:45AM - 11:00 AM

Annual Customer Insights Onstage/CIO Panel - Belmont Ballroom

Back by popular demand will be the CIO panel where a multitude of tech leaders from hotel companies will share where their technology focus and investment will be this year.

CIO PANEL: Jeff Bzdawka, Hyatt; Marco Trecroce, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts; Scott Strickland, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts; Stacy Duncan, Chesapeake Hospitality

11:15 AM

That's a Wrap!
Thanks for Attending the 2020 EVS Vendor Summit!

In order to better accommodate departure schedules and give attendees a bit more flexibility when booking flights, this year Hospitality Upgrade is testing something new, LYFT!
EVS attendees will be able to use an exclusive Lyft coupon code to take a Lyft to the Nashville International Airport (BNA). 
The code will be active from 10:00 AM – 2:45 PM on Friday, March 27th.
Hospitality Upgrade will cover trips up to $25.00 USD*.

If you already have the Lyft app, simply enter EVS2020HU in the Promos section of the Lyft app. Once the code is accepted, it will appear in the 'Promos' tab and you will be able to see the details of the code, such as time restrictions, location restrictions, how many times it can be used, and how much credit you have left.

If you do not have the Lyft app, please download the Lyft app on your phone from the Apple app store or Google Play store. Or use this link to download the Lyft app, (the EVS code will be automatically applied):
*If the fare exceeds $25.00 USD, the remainder will be charged to the card on your Lyft profile.
Thanks to our 2020 Partner:
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