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The 16th annual Executive Vendor Summit has been POSTPONED

More Details on a Reschedule Date Coming Soon!

Why should I attend?

Why do past attendees mark this as a must-attend event? Quite simply—it's the focus on peer-to-peer interaction. In an industry based on competition as much as partnerships, the Summit offers vendor executives a rare combination of networking, social events and program in a relaxed atmosphere. At other conferences and tradeshows, vendors are focused on selling products and services. At the Executive Vendor Summit, there are no customers and no selling. By taking the customer out of this event, attendees form critical relationships with peers and focus on the industry's successes, challenges and opportunities and how to provide better solutions. This unprecedented peer-to-peer networking has proven to be an integral part of the conference, and is enlightening in a way larger conferences just can't match.

Watch the video below:

2017 Video with play


"HU EVS never disappoints. The people I want to meet are there. It would take something monumental for me to miss the EVS!"

Mike Schmitt
*7-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
Jeff Parker
“I look forward to the HU's EVS every year because it provides a unique way for vendors to collaborate and strategize without the distractions of our day-to-day routines. Where we may typically find ourselves competing for the same client, this event focuses more on the industry, where we are now and what we see for the future. This is a forum where we can openly discuss our challenges and celebrate our ‘wins’ in a relaxed, fun environment."
Heide Werthamer
EVP Hospitality
Edge Communications LLC
*3-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
Jeff Parker
"This is the only event that provides a creative venue and content geared exclusively for entrepreneurs, owners, and founders."
Jay Troutman
President & Founder
Aptech Computer Systems
*13-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
Jeff Parker
"The Executive Vendor Summit is a highly constructive event for the industry. Rich and his team pull off a dynamic that you would not anticipate but cannot deny its incredible value to all attending." 
Frank Pitsikalis
Founder & CEO
*12-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
Jeff Parker
"If you run a technology company in the hotel industry and understand partnering and collaborating, you should be there. I will!"
Michael L. Waltman

Founder & Co-CEO

Interactive Sites

*5-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
"The EVS content plus environment and activities--still batting 1,000!"
Bruce Bensetler
Data Plus 
*10-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
"World class event, with world class leaders, exchanging ideas and making business partnerships easier. But I will not tell anyone as I want the competitive advantage!"
David Chestler
former Executive Vice President
*5-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Executive Vendor Summit. As a first time attendee, I was impressed with the variety of my peers who attended, the quality of the material presented, and the networking opportunities."
Warren Dehan
*1-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee
"For me, the Executive Vendor Summit offers the most unique opportunity to foster and extend relationships with executives from other companies that are selling to and serving a shared client base. Every year at the Summit, I walked away either having addressed a key client issue with someone's help, found a new opportunity or helped broker one, or started a new partnership. This is one conference where virtually everyone is in a position to make something happen. That's what makes the Summit so worthwhile."
Greg Pesik
former President & CEO
*9-time Executive Vendor Summit Attendee

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