SAFLOK Launches Reggie Web-based Service New Web-based Solution More than Just an Online Registration Service

  • 06.27.07
SAFLOK today introduced the Reggie online registration service prototype in conjunction with HITEC 2007.

The Reggie web-based service ushers in a new age of business travel. Via both the Internet and a convenient, portable, and inexpensive mini keycard encoder, users can reserve and register their hotel rooms, encode their own keycards, and then use the keycards to gain access to their assigned rooms without ever seeing the front desk.

For the frequent traveler with multiple travel stops, Reggie not only provides the benefits of a typical online booking portal. It exceeds expectations by enabling users to bypass traditional check-in methods. When a booking is completed, it enters the properties into a standard PMS system.  Guests can choose their own room, just as seats are selected on an online airline registration service.  The locks will not permit access to the users until their assigned check-in time.

This initial prototype was developed as a stand-alone product. However, as its development continues to evolve, SAFLOK has already recognized another application potential. One of the opportunities is to have Reggie work in conjunction with hotel and flight reward programs for which users can use their rewards card as a room key.  

“This way, while the customer is collecting points and building affinity to a certain brand, they are
also getting ‘instantly rewarded’ through the convenience of being able to book their rooms online
and by-passing check-in,” comments Kerry Hirschy, Kaba Lodging Systems Senior Vice President of
Sales & Marketing.

Hirschy also notes that SAFLOK’s preliminary discussions with several flags regarding Reggie have been positive. He states that the brands are interested in this technology and recognize the benefits that it carries.

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