Seattle’s Hotel 1000 Becomes First Hotel to Offer IP Video on Demand in High Definition

  • GuestTek™
  • 06.29.07
Hotel 1000, a sophisticated, world-class luxury hotel located in downtown Seattle and managed by MTM Luxury Lodging, announced it has partnered with Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment to become one of the first properties in the world to utilize Internet protocol (IP) TV to offer high-definition video on demand (HD-VOD) in all 120 guestrooms.

Guest-Tek’s OneView™ Media High Definition platform provides a complete digital system able to support HD-VOD and standard definition (SD) formats.  Hotel 1000 is the first hotel property to offer guests this true HD-VOD system over a fully converged IP network. 

HD-TV has become commonplace in most residences, yet few hotels and resorts are equipped to accept the technology.  Hotel 1000’s fully converged IP infrastructure enables HD access and allows adaptation of any future technology that is IP addressable (virtually eliminating the obsolescence preventing the hospitality industry from investing in new technologies.)   In short, the hotel is uniquely positioned to efficiently provide future technologies to guests as they become available.

Guest-Tek’s OneView Media HD platform delivers movie titles from major Hollywood studios to all guestrooms at Hotel 1000.  It also allows guests to view an impressive selection of digitized art, including many of the worlds most renowned pieces, provided to Hotel 1000 via GalleryPlayer, a leader in providing the world's finest digitized content to HD-TVs.  Free-to-guest (FTG) HD-TV broadcasts are also enabled through the new platform.  In summary, with this upgrade, Hotel 1000 is able to offer a superlative in-room entertainment experience until now only available in a residential environment.

“We aspire to the highest quality possible in everything we do for our guests,” said Hotel 1000 General Manager Brian Flaherty. “This innovative application utilizes our IP infrastructure to deliver the finest in-room entertainment experience available in the industry.  By offering top Hollywood films and digital artwork on Hotel 1000’s 40-inch HD LCD televisions, complete with CD-quality 5.1 virtual surround sound, we are enabling our guests to enjoy the same quality and variety available to them in their own home theaters.”

Later this year, two other MTM Luxury Lodging properties will follow suit.  Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Wash. will be the first property to have high-definition free-to-guest television (HD FTG TV) based on an IP network.  The Liberty Hotel in Boston will become a fully converged network capable of HD-VOD and HD-FTG-TV upon opening in August 2007.  Having the foresight to provide these technology upgrades further positions MTM Luxury Lodging as a leader in the hospitality industry, committed to elevating the guest experience at all of its properties.

“Guest-Tek’s deployment of the OneView Media HD system into Hotel 1000 is a landmark to both our company and the hospitality in-room entertainment industry as a whole,” said Arnon Levy, CEO of Guest-Tek. “Hotel 1000 is a perfect example of where the hospitality industry is heading and MTM Luxury Lodging has set the bar for other luxury hotels worldwide to emulate.”

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