Adaco Announces Web-Based Version of Hospitality Software

  • Adaco, Inc.
  • 07.13.06
Adaco Services, LLC, announced Starlight, a Web-based version of its flagship Eclipse software.

As a critical piece of a hotel or hotel chain’s e-Supply Chain Management (eSCM), Adaco Starlight runs off a single database, enabling various departments to share information and communicate with each other about different functions. Some of these include eProcurement, eInventory control, eRecipes and beverage revenue, enhancement, eReceiving, eAccounting, eStoreroom requisition, eOperational control and analysis and eCorporate management.
The eSCM features of Starlight enable hotels to reduce inventory, from beef and light bulbs to paper towels.  Transactions are completed and bids evaluated more rapidly, while the hotel increases revenue through cost savings and efficiencies throughout its operations.
Hotels can operate this browser-based solution or outsource the operation to Adaco.  With a user name and password, they can instantly access Starlight online.
“Hotels have seen the benefit of supply chain management through integration with their outside vendors as well as by tying many Internet applications together,” said Mark Pinsley, CEO of Adaco Services.  “Starlight will enable them to streamline the integration process.”
Starlight offers easy deployment, with the authorized user simply pointing to the web browser.  The hotel or hotel chain either hosts and operates Starlight on the premises like traditional software, or Adaco does the hosting.

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