New Releases for TeleAdapt's DeskPoint™ In-Room Wi-Fi / Wired Access Point

  • TeleAdapt
  • 07.20.06
Following the successful deployment of the DeskPoint™, TeleAdapt, a leading provider of in-room access point solutions for the global hospitality market, announced the release of two new versions of the TA-6900 DeskPoint™ and an upgrade of firmware with the availability of VLAN tagging.

Responding to customer demand, TeleAdapt will now introduce two new versions of the DeskPoint™: a RJ45 socketed version and an under-desk version. Both of these versions will be fully plug-and-play and offer a simultaneous wired and wireless in-room solution from a single HSIA Ethernet socket. The DeskPoint™ ensures that hoteliers are able to offer both wired and wireless solutions without any further cable runs, and not fall into the trap of offering only wireless or wired broadband options to their guests.
In addition, all DeskPoint™ versions now support 802.1Q compatible VLAN tagging. By offering VLAN tagging as standard, TeleAdapt has addressed an ever-increasing concern customers have relating to authentication and security, as VLANs have the ability to provide additional security not available in a shared media network environment.
Benefits of VLAN include:
  • Added security: wired and wireless users can be identified and individuals may be logically isolated from other network users, even though they are on the same physical network.
  • Reduced costs: rather than buying more hardware, VLAN provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for providing secure connections. 
  • Increased flexibility: VLANs are configured through software rather than hardware, which makes them extremely flexible.

Gordon Brown, TeleAdapt’s managing director, said, "Following the successful introduction of the DeskPoint™, we are pleased to announce an upgrade to the product range with the introduction of two new versions and VLAN tagging. VLAN tagging ensures wired and wireless connections can be easily identified, allowing ease of authentication and additional security. Furthermore it allows hotels to reduce costs by removing the need for more hardware. In addition, we are also introducing two new versions of the DeskPoint™, allowing hotels to choose which DeskPoint™ is more appropriate for their needs. With these new developments, we expect the DeskPoint™ to become one of the market leading products offering the choice between a wired and wireless connection."

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