Mandarin Oriental, New York Accelerates Service with MTech’s HotSOS

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 07.20.06
Mandarin Oriental, New York has deployed MTech’s Hotel Service Optimization System (HotSOS, pronounced “hot sauce”) to automate workflow and communications, and to wirelessly connect service staff to each other, guests, groups and meeting planners for unmatched personalized, prompt service.

Mandarin Oriental, New York recently partnered with MTech of Miami, Florida, to integrate HotSOS — an Internet-powered application with support for Blackberries. HotSOS is helping the hotel keep everyone “in the loop” in real-time so service levels consistently can exceed even the heightened expectations of valued upper-upscale guests.
Eric Cruz, Mandarin Oriental, New York IT manager, said 60 front-line service staff (such as the concierge, bellmen, front desk, housekeeping, in-room dining/food-and-beverage, spa/pool/fitness center, engineering and security) are empowered with Bluetooth-powered Blackberries, giving them access anywhere, anytime to the HotSOS To Go application and up-to-the-second needs of guests, groups and department managers. Another 36 employees have HotSOS-enabled cell phones with color screens and various PDA capabilities.
“Before HotSOS, when our occupancies were high, say 90-percent-plus, on rare occasions up to four times a month it would take us more than six minutes to respond to a guest request and deliver on their needs,” Cruz said. “Even though we were talking just four times a month, and we still were taking care of the customer in less than 10 minutes, we wanted to take it up a notch for our customers.
“With HotSOS, a bellman or front desk staff, can instantly and easily submit a service request to a department and all related managers based on customized business rules, and within minutes we have one correctly experienced and equipped person making good on the guest request and notifying all in the loop,” said Cruz. “Now, the number of requests taking more than six minutes to fulfill has dropped 75 percent or more to less than one per month. This service enhancement means more loyal customers and more of their precious repeat business and referrals.”
Cruz explained how HotSOS provides the framework and tools to manage guest hotlines and recognition campaigns, orders and maintenance within brand and corporate standards. With interfaces to the hotel’s electronic lock, building management and property management systems, HotSOS is a managed service that can be implemented without expensive servers, network infrastructure and IT staff.
Cruz said HotSOS is as user friendly as it is to quickly cost justify, and it’s scalable and configurable for individual properties or hospitality organizations with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of properties.

“Not only do we have 96 mobile devices and phones equipped with HotSOS, but every desktop at the property has the hosted application.” Cruz said. “HotSOS is the technology for enhancing guest service, maintenance workflow and purchasing decisions.
“Not only can HotSOS help us identify repeat guest service requests and maintenance issues so we can base in-room amenity offerings and purchases on guest expectations and product performance, but we are setting up business rules to use it as our automated IT help desk ticketing system,” he said.
“We’ve barely scratched the service with regard to fully deploying HotSOS across all applicable departments, and already it’s paid for itself from my viewpoint,” said Cruz. “If things continue to go as expected, Mandarin Oriental could deploy this solution across its portfolio of premier properties.”
Luis Segredo, president and co-founder of MTech, added that another key selling point is that HotSOS requires no individual servers or additional staff to maintain and support them. “HotSOS offers improved dispatching via an escalating routing mode, includes unlimited user licenses, and delivers expanded data manipulation, report generation and sharing options — enabling worldclass service and smarter decisions based on up-to-the-minute enterprise-wide business intelligence.
“Know each guest better, with real-time, enterprise-wide guest recognition and profiling. Enforce corporate guest response and maintenance standards. Improve response times, and ultimately repeat business and referrals, with automated scheduling and dispatching to wireless phones and devices. It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it’s available. … It’s HotSOS,” said Segredo.
Cruz said HotSOS saves money by reducing communication steps and labor expenses. It also helps the hotel build revenue by building lasting relationships with customers at a time when their lodging options have never been greater.
“There can be no doubt that our goal is to exceed every guest expectation. HotSOS absolutely helps us deliver on that goal,” said Cruz. “HotSOS empowers a bellman and front desk staff with the timely information needed to congratulate an arriving couple on their 25th wedding anniversary, and another employee to promptly deliver a personalized commemorative gift so a lasting one-of-a-kind experience can truly be created. I’ve seen the look in their eyes and the broad smiles on their faces, and I just know they’re coming back … and they’re bringing others with them.”

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