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  • 07.28.06
The unique ordering experience at Atlanta's landmark Varsity restaurant is its stock in trade, and to help maximize that uniqueness while ensuring order accuracy and maintaining a fun atmosphere, The Varsity relies on Panasonic's point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Known for their famous, "yellow dog walkin'", frosted orange and fried pies among other items, customers are greeted with, 'What'll ya have?'. The order is then shouted to the kitchen while simultaneously entered into the recently installed Panasonic 7900 POS system, where it is also displayed on the rear order confirmation screen.

"On Georgia Tech game days we can serve as many as 30,000 customers and the need for a solid POS system with order confirmation is crucial," said Terry Brookshire, assistant general manager at The Varsity. "We believe in the quality and reliability of the Panasonic system and have found it to hold up very well in our busy environment."

The new 7900 POS system is the fourth generation of Panasonic installed at The Varsity. Brookshire noted that while Panasonic quality and reliability influenced his buying decision, the bottom line and trends in the fast food industry also prompted the upgrade.

"We realized several benefits by going to Panasonic's new 7900," said Brookshire. "First, the new system allows us to accept credit cards for payment. By implementing this integrated credit authorization capability, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of the average order. Second, the rear order confirmation screens have improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction" by allowing customers to directly view their orders on-screen.

Brookshire also said the larger, brighter touch screen on the 7900 POS system helps cashiers process orders quickly and easily, and the unit desgin, with its customer-facing point-of-purchase display, increases sales of featured items.

The upgrade to the 21 new 7900 workstations was accomplished in an overnight installation by ERC, a Panasonic-certified dealer headquartered in Atlanta. According to Chad Fell, ERC sales manager, The Varsity has the distinction of being the first installation post-beta testing in the country.

"The 7900 is a solid choice for The Varsity," said Fell. "There are no moving parts or hard disk drives, and that means it is more reliable for handling the significant number of daily transactions. It can run third-party software and also can be combined with the hand held order takers for the car-hop side of the business."



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