Wendy’s Franchisee Gets Technology Boost from New Edge Networks

  • New Edge Networks
  • 07.17.07
DavCo Restaurants Inc., one of the world’s largest franchisees of Wendy’s International Inc., is nearing completion on installation of a private network that will help the chain use technology to improve efficiency, profitability and guest experience.

The network is expected to be fully operational by the end of July.

Powered by New Edge Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of EarthLink Inc., DavCo’s private wide area network links more than 160 Wendy’s restaurants in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.  Until recently, DavCo restaurants were using a combination of dial-up telephone connections and individual high-speed connections that were not part of a managed network.

“The need for improved security and use of new technology in our stores prompted DavCo to switch to a private managed network,” said Stacy A. Duncan, director of information technology for DavCo, based in Crofton, Md. “A private network allows DavCo to optimize operating efficiency for better serving our customers.”

Last year, DavCo installed a new point-of-sale system and upgraded its computers to accommodate data polling, credit card transactions and back office data management.  Now with a high-speed network, the Wendy’s franchisee is poised to do remote sales polling every 15 minutes to an enterprise Web site, allow store managers to submit food orders online versus using fax orders, and enable the store managers to use a new Wendy’s Web portal for food cost management. This completely automates the food cost management process saving managers hours of manual paperwork.

“With our new network, restaurants are processing credit card transactions in three to five seconds versus 21 to 30 seconds on dial-up,” Duncan said.  “When we moved (stores) to the network, the reaction from our managers was, ‘Wow!  This is great!’”

With restaurants spread out over two states plus the District of Columbia, DavCo turned to New Edge Networks as a single-source provider for its managed network.  New Edge Networks offered DavCo guaranteed flat-rate national pricing, regardless of the high-speed access type available at each location. 

By using a network, DavCo was able to eliminate one to three regular telephone lines at each restaurant.  This helped DavCo hold down its average monthly total communications costs.

“DavCo’s smart use of technology is helping increase sales by improving the overall guest experience,” said Greg Griffiths, vice president of marketing for New Edge Networks.  “In the quick service restaurant industry, which operates on margins that are pennies on a dollar, every little improvement helps build substantial business improvements.”

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