ReServe Interactive Announces Interface with ClubSoft

  • ReServe Interactive
  • 07.31.07
ReServe Interactive has recently developed a comprehensive system interface with ClubSoft Inc. to enhance the functionality and reliability of its catering and event management technology offering to meet the specific needs of its private club customers.

By overlapping and sharing live information with ClubSoft, ReServe Interactive software maximizes efficiency by reducing redundant data entry. The ClubSoft interface is one of many recent interfaces ReServe Interactive has developed to synchronize and streamline front-of-house operations.

This unique interface offers multiple benefits including enhanced financial reporting and invoicing; improved database management and control; increased labor efficiencies and overall productivity; and advanced guest relationship management.

"ReServe Interactive continues to remain on the forefront of technological offerings within the hospitality industry, and we are always striving to advance our offering by providing the latest, most innovative functionality," said Lynn Carter, the company's chief technology officer.  "This interface allows end-users the ability to seamlessly maximize their efficiency by eliminating double entry of data and ensuring accuracy in billing."

"The partnership gives our customers the best of both worlds, the club management solutions of ClubSoft and the event management expertise of ReServe Interactive and melds them together," said Mark Schlake, president of ClubSoft. "Many of our customers already used ReServe for their events, and they wanted the systems to work together."

The ReServe Interactive ClubSoft interface includes real-time sharing of all customer and event sales activity data. In a club setting, all membership information is accessible to ReServe's system so new events automatically pull information from existing data within ClubSoft. As events move forward with ReServe's process-driven design, selections such as room reservations, catering orders and event size are automatically shared with ClubSoft's accounting system so data does not have to be re-entered for billing to occur.

About ReServe Interactive
ReServe Interactive specializes in catering, event management, dining reservations and table management applications for the hospitality industry, and is one of the only integrated solutions for managing banquets and restaurant reservations in one system. ReServe Interactive software is suitable for a variety of hospitality venues including hotels, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, golf clubs, private clubs, cultural institutions and wineries. The company brings more than two decades of experience in hospitality management and software development.

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