NEC Launches UNIVERGE UM8500 Messaging Platform for Enhanced Unified Communications

  • NEC Corporation of America
  • 08.08.07
NEC Unified Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of VoIP and data communications, launched UNIVERGE® UM8500, an IP-based unified messaging platform that significantly enhances the NEC Unified Communications portfolio for large enterprises.

UM8500 delivers next-generation messaging with new features that offer one-stop access to audio and video messages through VideoMail, advanced call management and enhanced enterprise scalability and redundancy.

The UNIVERGE UM8500 is the next generation of NEC unified messaging.  While the UM8500 is based upon the NEAXMail® AD-120 product feature set and has the same robust characteristics of the AD-120, it has greater scalability and new features that take unified messaging to the next level.  Some of the innovative options within UM8500 include:

  • VideoMail: allows users to create and distribute recorded video messages and on-screen demo captures through the Microsoft® Outlook® client.  The multimedia messages can be accessed through telephone for simple audio, or e-mail for enhanced video playback.  UM8500 also provides file compression for streamlined distribution to offer users a similar experience to forwarding and saving traditional voice messages.
  • Find Me/Follow Me (FMFM) Call Management: offers users control of voice and data communications regardless of location or telephony device.  This function enables rules to be set for incoming calls, automatically distributing callers directly to the user’s desktop phone, voicemail or mobile device.
  • ViewCall Desktop Call Control: provides the flexibility of screening incoming calls in real time through an intuitive control panel.  Combined with FMFM capabilities, UM8500 adapts to meet individual workplace conditions and accommodate user preferences, while reducing the volume of messages and missed calls.

In addition, the UM8500 provides multiple levels of redundancy to help ensure enterprise networks remain active during potential infrastructure failures.  When configured as a cluster, the group operates in tandem to compensate for the failure of a port or server without users experiencing loss of service.  This is especially vital in the enterprise environment where UM8500 can manage up to 30,000 users and more than 600 ports.

“NEC’s Unified Communications portfolio seeks to maximize user accessibility, while delivering streamlined business communications and workflow,” said Jay Krauser, general manager, product management at NEC Unified Solutions.  “UM8500 builds upon this commitment by providing inherent flexibility and customization aimed at minimizing an organization’s deployment and maintenance costs thereby lowering the total cost of ownership.”

A highly innovative unified messaging application, the UM8500 platform also offers improved communications and collaboration functionality to accommodate diverse needs, including:

  • Extended cluster configuration to support up to nine servers for a total of 648 voicemail ports
  • IP, digital or analog integration with third-party PBXs, such as Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, Siemens and others
  • Easy replacement of Octel/Avaya and Centigram voice mail systems (little or no training required for users familiar with those systems)
  • E-mail text-to-speech from up to nine Internet message access protocol (IMAP)-enabled e-mail accounts
  • Multiple subscriber greetings
  • Message auto-copy
  • Web Mailbox Manager with message access
  • ViewCall for desktop call control capability
  • Exchange 2007 mixed mode integration
  • Enhanced e-mail notification
  • Extension remapping
  • Integration with NEC MA4000 Administration Console

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