Four Major Multifamily Housing Operators Select The Rainmaker Group for Revenue Management Pilot Launch

  • Rainmaker Group (The Rainmaker Group)
  • 08.16.07
The Rainmaker Group, a world leader in automated revenue management software and services to the multifamily housing and other industries, announced that Laramar Group, Julian LeCraw Company, Carmel Partners and an additional REIT, with over 82,000 combined units, are conducting pilot installations of Rainmaker’s revolution LROSM revenue optimization system.

Rainmaker pilot installations enable multifamily operators to certify the effectiveness of the revolution LRO revenue management system across a sample of their properties before installation throughout their entire portfolio. 

Bruce Barfield, president of The Rainmaker Group, Inc., said, “The multifamily housing companies conducting current LRO pilot tests utilize several different property management systems (PMSs) including Intuit MRI, Realeum and Yardi. revolution LRO delivers optimized lease/rent rates equally well with all of them.  Optimal pricing is essential to success in the multifamily housing industry, and because Rainmaker is a revenue management specialist, it can work with systems from every major PMS company to boost rates.  revolution LRO is used by more than 60 percent of the companies deploying revenue management systems in the multifamily industry today because it consistently delivers increased lease/rent revenues.” 
Barfield added that many leading multifamily firms credit revolution LRO with a lift of three to five percent, which is very attractive to multifamily owners and REIT investors.

For Rainmaker pilot testing, a multifamily housing company selects six to eight properties in different markets to set rates with the revolution LRO revenue management system.  A control group of similar properties that sets rates by traditional methods is also monitored, and the two property groups are run side by side.  At the end of the testing period, lease/rent performance and total revenue for each property group is analyzed to verify the impact of the LRO system.  The customary testing period is six months, but may be shorter.  Post Properties completed its Rainmaker trial in just a few weeks after the pilot demonstrated conclusive lease/rent revenue improvement.  Post installed the revolution LRO system in mid-2006 throughout its portfolio.

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