12th Production of Self Service Expo Shines Spotlight on Growing Importance of Digital Signage

  • KioskCom
  • 08.16.07
Highlighting the increasingly prominent role digital signage holds in the self-service industry, Self Service Expo will introduce a broad range of sessions and events focusing on interactive display media for attendees.

The event will be held in New York City for the first time October 23-24, 2007, and has garnered support from key media partners such as DigitalSignageToday.com and Digital Signage Quarterly.

Self Service Expo is a defining event for interactive self-service business and marketing solutions, and focuses on the benefits of using kiosks, digital signage and other customer-facing technologies to implement comprehensive programs aimed at reaching more customers through digital media. The conference attracts attendees from a diverse range of industries, including retail, finance, hospitality, tourism, healthcare, government, gaming/entertainment, hospitals, restaurants, QSRs, financial services, ticketing and photography.

Among the new additions to this year’s conference will be the debut of “Digital Signage Drive”, a special pavilion that will feature a variety of companies showcasing their digital signage technology. This new exhibition at the Self Service Expo has been designed to educate attendees from all industries on the best solutions of digital signage. Digital Signage Drive will show conference attendees how interactive digital displays encourage and enable customers–in masses or one-to-one–to take an active role in the sales process. The exhibit also demonstrates how interactive digital signage can help to extend the marketing reach of a retailer well beyond the in-store display panel and into the homes of shoppers.

"Businesses looking to stand out and deliver more in the marketplace can take advantage of a variety of innovative technologies to make it easier, cheaper and more effective at engaging customers and enhancing the customer experience,” said Bradley Walker, president and CEO of Nanonation and Self Service Expo advisory board member. “Networks of digital signage and interactive kiosks give businesses the tools to empower and engage customers when it matters most."

Additionally, the 2007 expo will feature seminars that further break down the important components of and uses for digital signage, including:

  • The A-Zs of Interactive Digital Signage Deployments: This session will discuss the components involved in making an interactive digital signage program successful. Whether designing for point of sale, indoor lobbies or large public spaces, insights and case studies will be provided to help businesses navigate the specific design challenges of interactive digital signage, generate advertising revenue, engage customers and more.
  • Using Interactivity for Digital Signage – Getting People To Engage and Take Action: While digital signage can be a powerful tool to attract attention and impact the customer experience, it is even more powerful when tied to customer-driven interactions. From touch screens and mobile phones to RFID-triggered smart shelves, this session will explain how businesses are using the power of interaction to impact the ways customers shop and more effectively measure the results.

“The self-service industry encompasses a broad range of interactive media platforms, and digital signage is one of the outlets we see presenting increased potential and opportunity for businesses,” said Lawrence Dvorchik, general manager for Self Service Expo. “The advances being made in applying this technology are unique and innovative, which underscores our belief in educating our conference attendees on them.”

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