Monk McQueens Takes Hands-On Approach to Squirrel POS System

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 08.24.07
Monk McQueens, an award-winning Vancouver landmark, is piloting the latest fingerprint biometric technology from Squirrel Systems.

This new feature is part of Squirrel’s new Release 5.
“Customers such as Monk McQueens are selecting from a wide array of tools afforded by Release 5 that allow their management team to enhance system security but not slow down service,” said Ms. Linda Gillis, director of marketing for Squirrel Systems.  “Fingerprint biometrics historically has had little traction in the restaurant segment due to its slow response time in comparison with more traditional methods such as magnetic or optical cards. However, by coupling our development capabilities with partners such as Posiflex and Digital Persona, Squirrel has been able to bring to market a practical biometric access solution that meets the demands of a high volume operation.”

“The fingerprint access system works really well and allows us to enhance our system security while not impacting the speed of service,” said Mr. Robin Apel, general manager for Monk McQueens. “The new terminal with the fingerprint reader is a great addition to our operation and is just another example of the continual wave of features Squirrel brings to the table.” 

The Squirrel biometric fingerprint implementation was deployed on Posiflex’s Fanless KS-6315 flat panel PC in conjunction with Digital Persona’s biometric engine.
Established in 1984, POSIFLEX is an industry leader in advanced point-of-sale hardware design and manufacturing. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from one flagship to 27 subsidiaries worldwide in addition to an increasing number of distributor and reseller partners within each region. 

With its standard for high quality, the factory has achieved ISO 9001/9002/14001 certification. Its unique design features have resulted in more than 30 patents awarded worldwide. Starting in 1984 with the production of PC-type modules and main boards, the company migrated to point-of-sale hardware in 1992. The first products produced were point-of-sale peripherals then broadened to integrated keyboard-based system and eventually all-in-one touch terminals. POSIFLEX now offers one of the most comprehensive lines of POS hardware products the industry has to offer. 

DigitalPersona is a leading provider of biometric authentication solutions for enterprise networks, developers and consumer OEMs. Founded in 1996, the company designs, manufactures and sells flexible solutions that improve security and regulatory compliance while resolving password management problems. DigitalPersona’s fingerprint readers utilize superior optical fingerprint scanning technology to more accurately authenticate users regardless of finger placement. The company’s interoperable biometric software solutions uniquely support the industry's widest array of notebooks with fingerprint readers in addition to its own line of optical placement readers. DigitalPersona’s award-winning technology is used worldwide by over 90 million people in the most diverse and challenging environments for fingerprint authentication.

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