Telkonet Elevates POP-Vision’s In-Elevator Marketing In Puerto Rico

  • Telkonet
  • 09.18.07
Telkonet, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for broadband networking, end-to-end service support and energy management, reports that its Telkonet iWire System™ has been deployed by electronic point-of-sale display specialist POP-Vision, to deliver data for in-elevator installations.

Representing an innovative example of its flexibility, the Telkonet iWire System has been installed by San Juan-based New World Telecom at three office buildings in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was selected for its ease and speed of installation – just four hours at each location – as well as for its operational reliability.

Installed in elevators at the 23-floor Westernbank World Plaza, the 16-floor Union Plaza and the 16-floor Mercantil Plaza buildings, POP-Vision’s display screens carry news, financial reports and advertising. The data is delivered via the IP network connectivity of the Telkonet iWire System, which transforms a site’s existing electrical wiring into a data backbone without affecting its power delivery functionality. Using Telkonet’s solution, POP-Vision was able to take advantage of the wiring already supplying electricity into the elevators, avoiding the complications, expense and installation dangers of providing additional cabling in the elevator shafts.

Pablo Litvachkes, general manager of the POP-Vision’s Puerto Rican division, which opened earlier this year, said, “This project represents an innovative extension of our electronic point-of-sale marketing. By mounting our display screens inside the elevators, we are able to take full advantage of the fact that people traveling in the elevators are a captive audience; every person taking the elevators has little choice but to watch the information and promotions on our screens. These buildings are located in San Juan’s Hato Rey financial district, and contain corporate offices, banks, law practices and consulates, as well as government offices. We can now offer our advertisers an extremely cost-effective medium for targeting this tightly defined audience.

“Following recommendations by New World Telecom, we selected the Telkonet iWire System as providing a much simpler and faster installation option than the other systems we evaluated. Wireless would have entailed a far more extensive installation, involving antennas in the elevator shafts, and is also not necessarily the most reliable mechanism for delivering data to a moving elevator inside a reinforced concrete building. Similarly, the cost and difficulties of installing dedicated CAT 5 cabling also ruled this out as a viable option. Telkonet’s solution was a far easier choice, avoiding all the complications, saving us installation time – and therefore budget – and making it less dangerous for the technicians. We achieved excellent connectivity with the system as soon as everything was installed, and we are already planning to roll out this solution at other locations.”

New World Telecom’s Daniel Hurst and Ricardo Torres worked closely with POP-Vision throughout the project, to help achieve the optimum installation. A Telkonet iBridge™ interface unit was installed for each computer, located in the top cabin of the elevators. These receive the Internet feed to each elevator, enabling the online advertising, as well as news, stock market and weather reports. Via the IP connectivity of the Telkonet iWire System, the remote computers automatically send a status report every 10 minutes, allowing POP-Vision to monitor their correct functionality and any problems to be detected quickly and easily.

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