The Rainmaker Group to Share Expertise at Revenue Management and Pricing Conference

  • Rainmaker Group (The Rainmaker Group)
  • 08.24.06
The Rainmaker Group, a world leader in revenue management software and services, announced that its executive vice president, Tom Walker, will speak on ‘Performance: Measurement and Improvement’ at the EyeforTravel Revenue Management Conference held October 4–5 in Chicago.

The presentation will examine the importance of establishing key performance measures and using them to improve revenue management performance, as well as to document the benefits of revenue management efforts. 
“Measuring program effectiveness is one of the most consistent failings of revenue management,” said Walker.  “Operators are asking ‘What am I getting for my investment?’  Revenue managers need to be able to deliver a credible answer.” 
The Rainmaker Group’s revolution SM Product Suite maximizes total property profitability for operators of casino hotels and other hospitality enterprises.  The revolution suite enables users to identify and develop their most profitable revenue sources by forecasting demand according to expected customer values and producing recommendations that ensure rooms will always be available for customers offering the greatest contribution to profit.  revolution contains tools that assist with measurement, but external measures are also important. 
Another Rainmaker tool, the revolution Profit DashboardSM, provides a heads-up display for senior management that graphically displays real-time and demand forecast data against budget and prior year to keep operators apprised of actual and expected results compared to the performance metrics most important to them.
EyeforTravel’s Revenue Management and Pricing in Travel Conference consistently tackles some of the most important issues facing revenue management executives from across the travel industry.  Revenue management executives attending this year’s event will gain insight into the effectiveness of current and future revenue management strategies.
Key issues addressed during the event include:
  • Improving forecasting accuracy
  • Integrating CRM and revenue management
  • Dynamic approaches to pricing strategy 

The Rainmaker Group, a founding partner of EyeforTravel’s annual revenue management event, has sponsored all three previous conferences.  “Rainmaker supports the EyeforTravel conferences because their industry-driven agendas serve the travel industry well,” said Walker.  “They offer a valuable forum to address today’s revenue management issues and discuss priorities for tomorrow’s strategies and tools.”  

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