QSR Automations Launches Newest Enhancements and Innovative Solutions to Fill Mission Critical Technology Voids Left By POS and Back Office Systems

  • QSR Automations
  • 10.11.07
QSR Automations®, a leading technology provider helping businesses worldwide maximize guest delight through comprehensive hospitality automation, will feature its newest product innovations at the 2007 International Foodservice Technology Exposition (FS/TEC).

The exhibit will include the launch of two new applications within QSR’s ConnectSmart® Hospitality Automation Solution, ConnectSmart GuestView, to provide graphical guest-facing displays of key information to waiting guests within the restaurant, and ConnectSmart Alerts for business activity monitoring. Also on display within QSR’s connected solution sets will be the latest enhancements to QSR’s sophisticated kitchen automation software and hardware technologies, revolutionary seating and wait list management software and powerful reservations applications.

“Leading the way in advanced kitchen automation for more than a decade, QSR has been thrilled to apply our unique expertise to other mission critical areas of the restaurant – especially those that could take advantage of a connection to the kitchen, which is the real heart of the restaurant,” said Lee Leet, president and chief executive officer of QSR Automations. “Our ConnectSmart Hostess and ConnectSmart Reservations as well as our newest applications – ConnectSmart GuestView and ConnectSmart Alerts – are great examples of how QSR helps hospitality operators to truly maximize efficiencies and guest delight.”

With ConnectSmart GuestView, operators can use highly graphical displays to communicate key information along with multimedia messaging, such as advertisements, to guests within the restaurant. Table service operators may choose to display the wait list to enhance branding and guest loyalty while driving sales with advertising. ConnectSmart GuestView can also be used to show information for any order that a guest will pick up within the restaurant, such as to-go orders in a table service environment or counter pickups in a fast-casual or concession environment, alleviating stress and confusion as well as errors and comps.

ConnectSmart Alerts puts critical operational and guest data in the hands of the in-store, management, and headquarters personnel who need it, providing real-time information in a variety of formats to improve operations and guest satisfaction. With an open architecture, extensive interfaces with third party programs, and complete integration with the QSR solutions, ConnectSmart Alerts captures events from the QSR hardware and software as well other store systems, such as the point of sale, and acts on these events based on rules defined by the operator. Alerts can be delivered to pagers, coasters, e-mail addresses, other ConnectSmart applications or third-party systems such as point of sale or an in-house dashboard.

Continuously innovating hardware and software technologies for the kitchen, the latest enhancements to QSR’s ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) software include tabbed views and Web-based functionality. In addition to the software’s graphical capabilities, the CSK’s fully definable tabbed views enable operators to customize each of their kitchen station screens to display and manage all of the information that can be needed at each individual station. For example, one team member may be responsible for managing the assembly of orders at an expeditor station in a table-service restaurant, but at the same time could benefit from having access to the real-time activities occurring at each of the preparation stations.
Additionally, this same team member, or management, may need access to filtered information (such as a list of rush orders), summary data, a Web-based recipe book, dashboard metrics, reports, alerts or training information – all from the same expeditor station. All of this information, including any information from the Web, can be made available on one physical screen by using easy to navigate tabs configured at the top of the customizable CSK station view. QSR is also introducing its patent-pending Dynamic Routing, designed to take item level management to the next level by continuously considering the status of the entire kitchen as well as each kitchen station that is impacted by the particular items on a particular order and constantly making adjustments as the CSK routes and displays the items for that order.

Also part of the demonstrations, QSR will highlight the latest enhancements to ConnectSmart Hostess, a revolutionary seating and wait list management software that not only interfaces to the leading point-of-sale systems, but also gains intelligence from a real-time link to critical production information to provide truly accurate wait times and the ability to manage the total guest experience. On display will be new functionality to support online call aheads for guests who wish to join the wait list through the Web rather than via the telephone.

First debuted at FS/TEC 2006, the fully integrated ConnectSmart Reservations software ensures operators gain complete control when caring for all guests – walk ins, call aheads, online call aheads and reservations guests – from one easy-to-use solution that is also interfaced with the leading point-of-sale systems. Also available as a powerful stand-alone application and with an online reservations module, ConnectSmart Reservations eliminates overbooking while capturing guest data and ensuring that more reservations can be processed more accurately with less training and less personnel.

Leet said, “As we continue to grow our connected solutions, our focus will remain on helping hospitality businesses fill the mission critical voids left by point-of-sale and back office systems – truly linking operations all the way from production management to guest management, to create positive and memorable guest experiences each and every visit.”

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