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TimeManagement Corporation Announces New TMx Release at FS/TEC 2007

  • TimeManagement Corporation
  • 10.15.07
TimeManagement Corporation announced the general availability of TMx 5.2 suite of Web-based labor management applications.

TimeManagement Corporation demonstrated this latest Web-based software suite at FS/TEC, October 11-13 in Atlanta, Ga.

TMx 5.2 has over 30 new feature enhancements which include additions to every core module in the TMx labor management suite. Two significant enhancements were added to the core Advanced Scheduling module. Auto Shape Scheduling enhancement, in conjunction with the existing auto-create/adjust, refines the process that modifies an existing schedule to conform as much as possible to service and nonservice labor requirements for a target day while preserving the shift structure pattern of the original schedule.  The process automates changes to existing shift segment lengths, as well as the creation and deletion of shifts under certain conditions. New Break Assignment Tool displays break requirements for each shift based on applicable statutory rules (child labor, California, etc).  Breaks are easily dragged from the tool for placement within a shift segment to enforce compliance while scheduling.

Employee Hiring Workflow – A new core module, Advanced Human Resources, has been added which incorporates a powerful and configurable workflow engine, allowing TMx customers to embed their specific HR workflow for hiring, terminating, loaning, sharing, performance review pay change, direct deposit, certification, skill profile enterprise employee and more. Sharing and lending employees can now be easily assigned so that any employee can be loaned to one or more borrowing operations on a shared or exclusive basis. The effective date ranges can be assigned by the loaning manager and can be assigned different site level information, such as different POS login, badges and contact information.

TMx time and attendance modules are available for general release and have three additional enhancements. Close Pay Period provides the ability for site managers and/or corporate HR personnel to lock prior pay periods from further user edits. Multi-site Pay Record Maintenance provides enterprise wide visibility to see time records for all shifts worked by an employee no matter what location that employee worked. Based on their role, managers may add, edit, delete or be hidden from time records at an employee's home operation. As with scheduling, managers may want to see all shifts an employee worked (home and borrowed operations). Missed Break Accrual provides a semi-automated method of awarding special pay based upon criteria particular to the special pay category and/or the accruals definition. Special pay and accruals are defined in the TMx Enterprise Configurator and distributed in the pay record maintenance module to be sent to payroll for processing.

Two significant enhancements were also added to the TMx 5.2 enterprise architecture. 2nd Generation Enterprise Transport Layer (TMxe) enhances the TMx architecture by providing an HTTP-based message transport between applications and servers. This transport layer, simplifies security and provides silent remote transfer at the client location.

TMx Enterprise Configurator provides a central UI application with two primary functions: Provides ability to configure the TMx application for all/some operations via UI as well as assigning application access via role base security.

“This latest release provides powerful enhancements to further simplify TMx users day-to-day tasks while also improving the performance and administration of an enterprise wide solution,” said Jeff Imm, vice president of sales and marketing at TimeManagement Corporation.

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