Mama’s Home Cooking With a Pinch of Technology from Squirrel Systems Serves Up a Quality Experience at Anducci’s

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 10.18.07
When Anducci’s founder Andy Mollica started the Anducci’s Groupa de Ristorante and opened the first Anducci’s restaurant in the suburbs of Vancouver he wanted to serve food reminiscent of mamma’s home cooking. He also recognizes how important service is to his business.

“We not only attempt to provide good service, we seek to achieve remarkable service,” said Mollica. “With SquirrelOne, Release 5 it makes it possible for us to focus more on our guests.”

Consistency and quality control are essential objectives for Anducci’s.  Mollica’s goal is to make sure that his guests encounter the same high level of quality and service regardless of which Anducci’s they choose for their dining experience.  Part of that goal is achieved by using Squirrel’s Corporate POS Manager to make sure that the in-store POS databases are up to date and reflect the menu changes that Andy and his team of chefs have developed each week.

An integral part of SquirrelOne, Release 5 is that Corporate POS Manager provides the multiunit restaurant operator the ability to manage either all or some aspects of the store configuration. Whether the choice is to manage a core section of the menu, or completely control the entire configuration of all restaurants, Corporate POS Manager has the flexibility to allow both.  POS configuration allows a user to define prices, point of sale screen layouts, menu entry attributes and individual flag settings.

Within the menu management component, a user at the corporate level is able to:
  • Arrange the restaurants into logical groups to facilitate the download of data that may differ regionally
  • Allow the corporate office to define all or part of the POS menu screen workspace as corporately controlled
  • Provide visual feedback to the store so they can easily determine which workspace areas are corporately controlled
  • View the flag settings and security levels on these settings when working on configuration screens - flags that are corporately controlled are grayed to provide a visual indication of the level of control
  • Control whether a new database will be invoked at the store automatically or manually

The management group at Anducci’s has benefited from using Squirrel’s Corporate POS Manager.  In tandem with their own strict quality control measures, this product helps them get changes to each store more efficiently, handle global changes with a touch of a button, maintain a high level of security and ensure that store level employees don’t have access to corporately controlled POS menu screens.  This product helps the team at Anducci’s change their menu offerings more frequently thus offering more variety to their guests.

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