Squirrel Introduces Enhanced Built-in High Availability Option

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 11.09.07
Squirrel Systems has been delivering robust and reliable systems for many years.

In an effort to take this to a new level, Squirrel is adding another component in its arsenal of backup solutions referred to as S.A.M. or System Availability Manager. 

Because its customers expect to use the back-office server for a minimum of five years, Squirrel continually looks at ways to minimize any disruptions and leverage its world-class Squirrel Solution Center in the process.  S.A.M. is a program that stores mission-critical programs and real-time transactional data on two separate PCs.  The intent is to ensure that in the event of a failure, the secondary PC (any PC on the network) can take over from the primary PC with very little involvement by the end user.

Squirrel Systems has installed a pilot version of its latest high availability offering, S.A.M., at Presto Cucina.  Presto Cucina is a high-volume, fast-casual concept that specializes in the flavors of Italy in a warm, casual setting. A long-time Squirrel customer, Presto Cucina has four locations currently installed with SquirrelOne Release 4.

“SAM provides the restaurateur with a higher level of automatic backup and switchover capabilities that allow them to continue their operation in the event of the main server PC having an issue,” said Linda Gillis, director of marketing for Squirrel Systems.  “When most systems fail over, they either lose critical functions like credit card processing or do not recover properly when the main server is brought back online. S.A.M.’s focus is to ensure that critical functions continue to operate during a problem event like a back-office PC hard drive or motherboard failure and to resynchronize the system upon restoring the back-office PC.”

In addition, when the backup terminal or PC takes over it will automatically email Squirrel’s 24x7x365 Solution Center, alerting the support teams of the problem. The restaurant’s focus should always be on their guests.   So, the auto alert removes the need to call in and deal with the issue when the restaurant staff members are busy. The alert can also be sent to restaurant IT staff or local service providers.

S.A.M.  provides the option to either configure a Windows-based terminal as the backup server or make use of another back-office PC.

“We count on Squirrel Systems to provide solutions that allow us to focus on our guests instead of technology,” says Debbie Martin Del Campo, concept leader of Presto Cucina.

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