MSI Introduces The Helm

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 11.09.07
The Helm is a tool so finely targeted and so interactive that you can be absolutely confident of having a complete and up-to-date picture of the operational aspects which are the most critical—across each and every one of your hotels.

Your ideas, your thoughts, your intentions are deployed across all of the properties in your portfolio instantaneously.

MSI, a leading provider of integrated property management solutions, is pleased to announce The Helm, MSI’s response to an overwhelming need in the industry to customize the way in which data is used to deliver superior customer service and to make informed decisions. With The Helm, a management company or brand uses one system to view data across all properties and to make changes that take effect immediately. The Helm is designed around a single point-of-entry paradigm providing customer relationship features and rolled up statistical information, with the convenience of a clear and spontaneous bird’s-eye-view into property-specific database information.

“The first version of The Helm is designed to complement the EnterprisePM system—MSI’s ASP delivered Property Management System,” Said David Kantrud, MSI’s VP of Software Engineering. “We’ve developed this product using Service Oriented Architecture, offering the services for our other property management systems. The final phase, to be completed early next year, will include specifications that will assist a management company with brands using proprietary PM software, to empower their entire portfolio using The Helm. “
One aspect of The Helm, the centralized Corporate Profile, is the perfect distribution vehicle, as it can affect all reservations associated with the corporate profile in a chain. Rates negotiated at the corporate office are instantly and seamlessly available to all properties connected via The Helm, and user-defined fields make communication with the desk clerk effortless. Making a corporate decision or negotiation—such as allowing direct bill, for example—is an instant reality for all reservations across the chain! Boosting a database that allows guest history to be shared across all properties, The Helm seamlessly manages past, current and future reservation activity. Another benefit of guest history shared via The Helm – other options such as ‘VIP’ and ‘Do not Rent’ are available for sweeping updates. Updates or additional profiles entered at the property level are shared across the chain via The Helm. 

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