Passkey Unveils RoomList Express

  • Passkey (now a part of Lanyon)
  • 11.20.07
Passkey, a worldwide leader in online group reservations, announced the launch of RoomList Express™, one of the world’s first fully automated and 100 percent secure room list tools for hotels and meetings.

RoomList Express is one of the first products that lets meeting planners upload their own hotel rooming lists anytime at a secure Web location, where hotels can then import those lists directly into their own reservation systems.  This eliminates a great deal of manual labor and errors, as well as mitigates the security risk associated with exchanging rooming lists via email or fax, providing hotels and planners significant time savings and abridged risk, while reducing reservation errors by more than 50 percent.

“Event planners and hotels are demanding more streamlined and secure methods for managing events and group reservations, and the reality is that many of the existing models are no longer adequate,” said Greg Pesik, president and CEO of Passkey. “With RoomList Express, we are raising the bar again by delivering to the industry the first solution that completely automates several time-consuming processes in a completely PCI compliant environment.  In doing so, we save all parties time while closing the door to potential errors or security flaws that can create problems both in the near term and down the road.”

Passkey’s RoomList Express includes the following capabilities:

  • Meeting planners drop off lists securely:
    With RoomList Express, hotels can provide a Web address where planners can drop off their room lists anytime, eliminating the need for lists to reside on the desktop or in e-mails, where they are vulnerable to potential security threats.  Once a room list is dropped off by the planner, the hotel is notified via e-mail so they can manage the room list and transfer the underlying reservations into their central reservation or property management system, all via Passkey’s automated process.
  • Handles all room list formats:
    RoomList Express can handle room lists of any size in any CSV or Excel format. Passkey’s unique mapping technology can turn any room list into valid reservations, which can then be transferred directly into a hotel’s internal system.
  • From room list to reservations, easily:
    Passkey’s RoomList Express completely automates the room list process, so hotels can turn any room list into valid reservations quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Maximum accuracy, minimum effort:
    Passkey’s RoomList Express eliminates the need to re-key data, therefore minimizing workload and errors. Room lists are turned into reservations in less time with maximum accuracy.

RoomList Express will be available immediately to meeting planners holding their events at any Passkey licensed hotel. 

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