Amadeus Announces 70 Percent of its Tickets will be Electronic by the End of 2006

  • Amadeus
  • 08.30.06
Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, announced that it expects 70 percent of the tickets issued through its system will be electronic (e-tickets) by the end of 2006.

The current figure is 64.5% percent.

Amadeus is one of the world leaders in e-ticket distribution, having enabled e-ticketing for 153 airlines and 138 countries, far ahead of the nearest competitor. Amadeus has already implemented e-ticketing for 39 airlines this year and expects to implement a further 20 by the end of the year.

Antonella Vecchio, Alitalia’s manager of distribution and revenue management, said, “91 percent of our routes are now e-ticket-enabled and we expect to reduce the remaining 9 percent to 4 by the end of 2006, with a view to having 100 percent e-ticketing by 2007. We are very confident to reach this goal, not only because of the extensive and unequalled market coverage Amadeus e-ticketing offers, but also due to the continuous quality of their training and support. Together we will drive industry initiatives forward."

José Arribas, Iberia’s vice president of commercial logistics, said, "As a result of our partnership with Amadeus, Iberia is very well positioned to reach IATA’s 2007 objective. Amadeus is a very quick and efficient solution to deploying e-ticketing all over the world. The majority of Amadeus travel agents can now issue an Iberia e-ticket and corresponding special fares."

Henri Hourcade, Air France vice president of distribution and Internet said, ''With its network of deployed countries, Amadeus' electronic ticketing provides unparalleled opportunities to decrease our ticketing costs. In order to meet the IATA deadline, Air France is currently implementing numerous electronic interline agreements with its partners, which Amadeus is able to deploy efficiently and rapidly to its travel agencies. Electronic ticketing provides additional services to our passengers with the possibility to check in at airport kiosks or online.''

Amadeus’ rate of implementation of e-ticketing for airlines is getting faster through the year. The company is an IATA preferred supplier for achieving paperless travel by 2007, and is well on track to complete its part in this key milestone for the industry.

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