Anducci’s Makes Every Ounce Count with SquirrelOne and BEVCHEK

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 12.03.07
Anducci’s founder Andy Mollica struggled with the age-old problem that plagues bar and restaurant operations;  with four locations in full operation, it is impossible for him to be in his operations all the time, with no way to effectively control the bars when off-site. 

To remedy this challenge, Mollica has begun rolling out BEVCHEK in his four stores.  BEVCHEK is fully integrated with the SquirrelOne Point of Sale (POS) systems installed at all of his stores.  With two stores installed already, Mollica has seen significant results. 
“Since implementing BEVCHEK we have experienced product variances of three to four ounces per product on a weekly basis,” said Mollica.  “This is a big improvement and translates directly to my bottom line.”

The BEVCHEK System is a unique beverage management system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It provides hospitality establishment owners with real-time product sales from their point-of-sale (POS) terminals relative to real-time pours that are captured through their advanced flow metering technology.

The BEVCHEK System offers:
  • Unprecedented beverage monitoring and management
  • Internet-based, real-time data updated every minute
  • Time stamping of all pours and sales transactions
  • On-hand inventory management system
  • Easy-to-read variance reports highlighting slippage by individual item
  • Monitoring of multiple locations from a single computer
  • Quick and easy integration with existing dispensing systems
  • Compatibility with SquirrelOne
  • SMS/e-mail/PDA alerts when user parameters are breached
  • A user-friendly Web interface that is simple to read and navigate
  • Can be interfaced with most video surveillance systems

With even more features available, BEVCHEK’s goal is to save the client money.  “The target is to reach savings of $20,000 per location, per year.  With the industry’s average loss sitting between 20 percent and 25 percent, BEVCHEK looks to bring this loss down under 5 percent within the first six months,” said Stephen Anaka, director of operations for BEVCHEK.  “This is achieved by shaving two ounces off every pour and by virtually eliminating theft and unnecessary spillage.”

Anducci’s continues to use technology to free up their management team to provide the personalized experience that their guests have come to expect. BEVCHEK is one more tool that allows Mollica and his team to keep their focus on their guests.  

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