Lucille’s Not Blowing Smoke About Enhanced Quality and Efficiencies Gained with Graphical Kitchen Solution from QSR Automations

  • QSR Automations
  • 12.04.07
QSR Automations®, a leading technology provider helping businesses worldwide maximize guest delight through comprehensive hospitality automation, has added its sophisticated kitchen solution within all Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que restaurants.

Part of QSR’s ConnectSmart® Hospitality Automation Solution, the ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) graphical software along with eXpert® hospitality controllers and KP-4000™ keypads are helping the expanding twelve store chain organize and speed up its complex, high-volume kitchen operation while providing a noticeable increase in food quality. 

“Coupling a sizeable and diverse set of menu offerings with a lot of large parties and significant store volumes, our kitchens are an extremely complex operation,” said Paul Williamson, vice president of operations for Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.  “We are very pleased with the added organization and speed we have gained from QSR’s ConnectSmart kitchen solution, and even more excited about the noticeable increase in food quality we are now providing our guests.” 

To eliminate the cost and clutter of printers in the kitchen while gaining access to critical production data, Lucille’s uses five kitchen video stations for the preparation of individual menu items, as well as two expeditor stations, one of which is dedicated to takeout orders.  Relying on the CSK’s delay routing capabilities, each menu item is prepared based on its cook time so that all items within an order complete at the same time.  With a large volume of takeout orders, summary tables also help the Lucille’s team members by enabling them to pre-pack multiple side orders all at one time as the family pack meals are being prepared.  Another key feature used by Lucille’s to maximize speed and food quality includes the ability to split the screen at the salad station to ensure that entrée salads do not hold up the immediate preparation and delivery of dinner salads. 

The fully customizable CSK also enables the Lucille’s team members to highlight a specific item or check and move it up in the kitchen queue.  For instance, a couple with a child may request that the child’s meal be brought out as soon as possible.  A team member can select that order on the expeditor screen, then select that specific item, and the CSK will move that item up in the kitchen queue, marking it as a “RUSH” item.  To ensure operations are protected, the manager can receive a report detailing each time a team member performs this action.   

In addition to the flexible use of screen real estate provided by the CSK’s graphical capabilities, Lucille’s plans to use menu cards to further enhance efficiencies, accuracy, and training.  Running the CSK with QSR’s reliable eXpert controller, Lucille’s can also take advantage of multimedia capabilities for training purposes.  Keeping the installations clean and neat, Lucille’s uses QSR’s kitchen video bracket to cost-effectively house the eXpert and KP-4000 at each kitchen station. 

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