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  • 12.13.07
In 1985, there was no Squirrel Solution Center, no cell phones – just pagers and calling cards, no notebook computers.

For those lucky enough to get a “portable” computer, it was the size of a sewing machine and weighed 30 pounds.

Squirrel Systems and help desk technology have both progressed significantly over the years.  The Squirrel Solution Center opened for business back in 1992 and has been operating 24x7x365 ever since.  The Solution Center employs approximately 50 fully trained service agents, many of whom have their roots in the restaurant business. 

Throughout its years of operation, the Solution Center has implemented a number of changes that have elevated the standard of service and delivered outstanding results for our end-users.

  • 65 percent reduction in hold times through New Call Monitoring Software
    - Allows real-time interaction with agents on live calls and real-time call statistics
    - Ability to prioritize calls in queue
    - Enables queue to be more effectively managed
  • 74 percent reduction in resolution time with improved escalation to tier two support
    - Dedicated escalation team to address all advanced issues
    - Integrated solely with the Solution Center 24x7x365
    - Automatic ‘Closed in Tier 2’ alerts to agent group for immediate customer notification.
    - Improved resolution time monitoring system with emphasis on reduction
    - Direct feedback to programmers on known issues and suggested improvements
  • New call recording software
    - Audio and video recording of 100 percent of calls
    - Improved coaching/mentoring practices through playback and discussion of already recorded calls
    - Preliminary investigation of customer pain points – beginning in the new year they will be trolling through calls and identifying patterns on what customers are calling about the most and providing long-term solutions.
    - Better reporting on hot calls
  • Five minutes to load any Squirrel version
    - All Solution Center agents are equipped with software that enables quick loading of any version of
    Squirrel in order to effectively troubleshoot issues

Delivering a quality service product is a priority of Squirrel Systems.  So much so, that Squirrel recently installed 42-inch flat screen displays in several spots in the office that graphically display help desk activity.  This makes everyone in the organization aware of what’s going on at any given moment of time.  The whole organization is now aware of call status, wait times and other key performance indicators.

“Squirrel Systems services an industry that is focused on superior customer service and will continue to introduce resources and technology that deliver the same,” says Ricardo Thumbler, director of customer service.

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