Hilton Hotels In Tulsa Is IDS Menus’ First Hotel Digital Menu Board Installation

  • IDS Menus
  • 12.27.07
IDS Menus™, a division of International Display Systems, Inc., announced its first hotel installation of the S-series hybrid digital menu board system.

The coffee shop, within The Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills Hotel located in Tulsa, Okla., is where the hybrid system was installed. Within the hybrid system is a 27-inch surround panel displaying targeted, multimedia content. The content can be modified by Hilton employees and measured to determine its effectiveness.

The Hilton also purchased a 37-inch LCD display for the lobby of the hotel. Visible to all visitors who enter the lobby, the display will announce conferences and direct visitors to hotel lounges, actively enticing them to drink and dine through the use of high-end food photography.

Lacey Lamm, general manager, said, “We chose IDS Menus as a vendor to produce our digital menu boards because the work of their design team was above and beyond what their competitors offered. The design team also took the extra initiative to review the goals and objectives for the digital menu board system with me, which translated into designing content that was the most effective. The Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills also received superior customer service that ensured our digital menu board solution was produced on schedule and IDS quickly solved any issues that we had. Since the installation of the IDS’ digital menu board system, we have seen an increase in the amount of visitors to the lounge and an increase in purchases at the coffee bar. The purchase of the digital menu boards was well worth the initial investment and the Hilton Tulsa Southern Hills looks forward to doing business with IDS in the future.” 

Bryan Lesseraux, vice president of marketing at IDS Menus, said, “IDS Menus was the perfect choice for this installation. The Tulsa Hilton needed great-looking food photography, an events menu, and a best-in-class tool for content management. We also assumed that, in the future, the system might have to scale to accommodate additional screens. This is where our Scala-based digital signage really sets itself apart. Overall, this is a great example of how well suited IDS Menus is to providing the hospitality industry with networked digital signage. We’re confident that this installation will be extremely successful for both the Hilton and IDS in the years to come.”

IDS Menus is a certified partner of Scala, Inc. Founded in 1987, Scala provides the InfoChannel broadcast suite of software to IDS’ digital products, allowing foodservice establishments to modify content on their digital menu boards. Scala is headquartered in Exton, Pa., with operations in California, the United Kingdom, Norway, The Netherlands, China and Japan.

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