Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront Likes Results from Capton’s RFID Solution

  • Capton
  • 12.27.07
Capton announced that the Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront is very pleased with the results they are seeing from Capton’s RFID-based Beverage Tracker solution to help monitor bar and banquet operations.

The flagstaff of the Embassy Suites brand and their largest at 455 rooms, the hotel is a recognized market segment leader. Boasting an excellent downtown Chicago lakefront location, the prestigious property will undergo an extensive renovation in 2008, upgrading all rooms and increasing guest amenities.

“Capton’s RFID-based solution is currently installed at the lounge bar and used in banquet cash bar operations,” said Nail Taskapilioglu, food and beverage director for Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront.

Taskapilioglu reported that three primary goals were set and all achieved for the technology:

  1. Management wanted a tool that would help change bartender behavior. They had learned during a proof of concept period that drink preparation practices were inconsistent. Inconsistency was not acceptable for their customer standards and had a negative impact on liquor costs. Bartenders are now adhering to better pouring standards, with far more efficiency than when previously using jiggers, and liquor costs are dropping.
  2. Management wanted a tool that gave them an extra set of eyes on bar operations to be certain every drink poured became a drink sold in the POS system.
  3. Management wanted a tool that would help them smoothly transition from a cash bar operation into a hosted bar operation during the nightly manager’s reception, without losing the ability to accurately track costs. They believed that pouring to standards was a responsibility, in addition to a bottom line issue, whether in a hosted bar format or banquet function.

“Another thing we would really like to highlight,” added Taskapilioglu, “is the great customer service we continue to receive from Capton. The follow up from every member of the team without exception is always timely and at the highest level. We would recommend Capton to help streamline bar and banquet operations for any property our size or larger.”

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