MSI Announces New Partnership with Advance Card Systems to Provide Integrated Solution for Identification Storage

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 12.28.07
Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI) and Advanced Card Systems and Solutions, Inc. (ACS) recently demonstrated new integration between MSI’s property management system products and the card scanning products and software offered by ACS.

The integration allows a hotel to safely and efficiently collect and store identification for a guest, such as a drivers license or passport.  The ACS solution collects a picture of the identification and stores it with a shared number so that it can be retrieved later – especially useful in the event of a disputed transaction. 

“We researched MSI’s philosophy prior to deciding to proceed,” said John McDonald, president and CEO of ACS, and who along with Shailesh Shah, chief technology officer and developer of the card scanning solution, recently met with the MSI executive team to finalize the partnership between the two companies.  “MSI and ACS share a common vision that places a high degree of importance on service and support for customers long after the sale.  In the hotel industry relationships are important and our commitment to servicing our customers sets our companies apart.”

Proof of concept included automatic update of the customer name and address based on input from the scan of a drivers license and was demonstrated on three of MSI’s property management systems: EnterprisePM, WinPM and Nova Plus. 
“Our properties are very interested in ways to streamline the check in process and this functionality decreases manual entry efforts while improving data integrity,” said Tim Caldwell, the MSI business analyst who researched the options for card scanning solutions for MSI. “The secure storage of the identification image is a real gain for many properties.” 
Knowing that proof of a guest identity is within reach is a source of security to many owners and managers who are opening their rooms – along with all of the accoutrements in the room - every day. 

MSI and ACS will begin marketing the solution immediately, both for new properties and as an add-on product for existing sites.  The solution is easy to add to an existing configuration, requires little training and can make a significant impact in security and convenience immediately. 

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