Boca West Country Club Depends on Squirrel Systems for Reliability

  • SQUiRREL Systems
  • 01.17.08
As part of their service mandate, Boca West has depended on Squirrel Systems to provide a reliable and robust point-of-sale solution for almost 20 years – starting with the original Squirrel Classic and over the years upgrading to SquirrelOne.

Home to more than 6,000 residents, the 1,400-acre Boca West Country Club regularly serves over 3,000 meals and hosts over 1,000 poolside guests each day during peak season.
The club has the Squirrel point-of-sale system running on over 30 point-of-sale workstations in multiple outlets located in three separate areas hosted by separate servers – the Golf Club, the Country Club and the Sports Pavilion at poolside. 
Food and beverage controller, JoAnna Schillaci said, “It’s all about providing our members with best possible service.  One of the biggest challenges in our restaurants is a typical lunch that includes over 700 guests, each requiring a separate check.  With SquirrelOne, it’s easy.” 
The Squirrel system is interfaced with Boca West’s custom club billing system.  “Our commitment to service includes making sure that member invoices are delivered accurately and on time.  Squirrel’s real-time interface to our club billing system ensures that this happens,” said Schillaci. 

When the occasional system problem does occur, Schillaci and the Boca West staff have a high expectation of service from Squirrel Systems.  When a challenge occurred recently, just before a period end, and a member billing cycle, JoAnna called the Squirrel Solution Center for answers.  “We needed the problem resolved quickly in order to meet our billing cycle deadlines.  The call was escalated to a service agent who was able to provide a timely resolution,” said Schillaci. 

“Squirrel continues to deliver both quality restaurant point-of-sale and service solutions to Boca West,” said Boca West general manager, Jay DiPietro, CCM.
Boca West is expanding and renovating again.  Its Pavilion restaurant, located poolside, will re-open with Squirrel in October 2008, sporting a new look and expanded seating. 

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