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Pegasus Expands in EMEA with Interface Technologies

  • Pegasus Solutions Inc.
  • 01.21.08
Pegasus Solutions, Inc. has signed an agreement to provide its UltraDirect distribution technology to Interface Technologies, a France-based technology provider for the tourism and hospitality industries.

With the agreement, Pegasus will facilitate distribution to and for travel agents, tourism organizations, destination management offices and online agencies, which would otherwise not be able to work with Pegasus directly due to financial, operational or size limitations. These organizations will now benefit from Pegasus' UltraDirect connection with Interface Technologies' Reservit platform, according to Tim Unwin, vice president of reservation services for Pegasus.

"Interface Technologies works with a broad range of tourism organizations both in France and globally that we wanted to help break through to the benefits of UltraDirect distribution," said Unwin. "By tapping the company's Reservit as an onward distribution platform, Pegasus also establishes a new, valuable level of customer that would otherwise be unavailable to connect with Pegasus."

Interface Technologies will connect to UltraDirect to link to Pegasus' portfolio of more than 86,000 hotel properties, allowing real-time access to information on rates, availability and reservations. This includes immediate confirmation of booking and cancellation requests, security to protect negotiated rates, and simple modification of reservations, all important features according to Laurent Fabre, CEO of Interface Technologies.

"With UltraDirect, we can now offer seamless connection to hotel central reservation systems, including detailed property data and images from Pegasus' online distribution database," said Fabre. "The customization allows agents, tourism organizations and destination management offices to offer customers convenient and tailored services."

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