VisionaryFX Completes Pre-sales Marketing Tour for New Orleans Marriott Before Renovation Project is Even Completed

  • VisionaryFX
  • 01.22.08
The New Orleans Marriott is currently undergoing a massive renovation project.

With the hotel currently under construction, the sales staff needed to find a way to bring their hotel to market before the renovation project is completed.   VisionaryFX was able to solve this dilemma by creating a tour from blueprints and interior design specifications that shows exactly what the entire hotel will look like when completed, from the overall layout down to the very light fixtures that will be used.  The New Orleans Marriott will now be able to bring their newly renovated hotel to market before it is even open to the public.

VisionaryFX is a full-service creative agency that offers a broad range of creative and corporate solutions.  Formerly the creative arm of MeetingMatrix International, a technology company in the hospitality industry, VisionaryFX was created to not only serve the needs of their former hospitality customers but to anyone needing agency services. 

The New Orleans Marriott needed to reach meeting professionals to successfully prebook sales prior to construction completion.  The key message of the tour was to clearly represent exactly what the New Orleans Marriott will look like when finished.  VisionaryFX used its extensive background in the hospitality industry to effectively depict the experience of a meeting professional from start to finish.  This piece differentiates from others in that the majority of it was created strictly from blueprints and interior design specifications; the entire tour is photo realistic.

There was a large amount of research and careful planning that took place in order to complete the project.  The blueprint and interior design specifications had to be carefully studied so that the modeling and textures replicated exactly what the entire building will look like, even down to the silverware that will rest on the tables in the restaurant.  Every detail had to be studied so that anyone viewing the tour will be certain that what they see now will be exactly what they see when the renovation is completed.  The important part to this piece was showing the versatility of all the meeting space and guest suites that the New Orleans Marriott has to offer.  Since the building is under renovation, some of the space will remain untouched while some will be completely different, so VisionaryFX captured both the old and the new elements to make it one piece that flowed together nicely. 

As a result of this piece, the New Orleans Marriott sales staff will now be able to show their current and prospective clients exactly what their hotel will look like when the renovation is completed.  They will be able to bring their hotel to market before it is actually open for use.

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