Second Rule LLC Announces Major Performance and Throughput Enhancements for its Line of IP3 NetAccess VBN Gateways

  • IP3 Networks
  • 01.29.08
Second Rule LLC announced major performance and throughput enhancements for its IP3 NetAccess VBN (visitor-based network) gateways that include standard Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with added throughput and capacity increases across the whole product line.

Available immediately, all new IP3 NetAccess VBN gateways shipped will automatically include this enhancement included at no extra charge. As well as all physical network connections being Gigabit capable 10/100/1000 interfaces to support the demands of networks of today and the future, Second Rule has conducted extensive performance testing using industry standard test equipment and procedures to benchmark the throughput of these enhancements and maximum user capacity of its products. The results show that the IP3 NetAccess now provides best-in-class capacities, offering actual throughput up to 600 Megabits per second on a single device and up to 15,000 users total user count.

“This enhancement is necessary to break away from the legacy limits of sub-100 Megabit performance that have been the standard for products in this class up to today,” said Andrew Marshall, president and CEO of Second Rule LLC. “We discovered during research last year that 100-Megabit capped products would not be adequate for networks being planned today, and we moved quickly to engineer a solution. Being able to provide these enhancements to our customers at no extra cost is just one of the things that make the IP3 NetAccess the right choice for anyone needing to provide network access to others. Our core strategy of using industry standard hardware and software platforms that started with the X-Series announcements in 2006 enables us to provide enormous capacity throughput improvements compared to previous units and to our competitors.”

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