Adaco Services Partners with Spanish Firm to Offer Full Spectrum of Property Management Software

  • Adaco, Inc.
  • 09.07.06
With almost 40 combined years of serving hospitality providers, Adaco Services, LLC and Class One, based in Spain, have partnered to offer hotels in Spain and the U.S. a full spectrum of modular, state-of-the-art, customizable software and hardware designed to enable hotel operators to optimize all their property management, planning, and day-to-day operations.

From a single property to multi-unit, multi-national hotel chains, Adaco’s ( and Class One’s ( comprehensive products provide a complete set of powerful and secure, yet flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use management and reporting tools that enhance efficiency and profitability. Their software incorporates cross-platform flexibility with no hardware or OS restrictions, seamlessly integrating into a hotel’s computer system. “This partnership gives our customers in Spain an expanded Adaco presence, with more Adaco support, while we can offer our domestic customers the ability to manage all their hotel operations,” said Mark Pinsley, President of Adaco Services. “Our hotel clients throughout Spain will now be able to enhance their purchasing and inventory control capabilities to ensure optimal functioning and efficiency, while their guests will continue to receive state-of-the-art services throughout their stay,” said Javier Sabariz, CEO of Class One. “At the same time, Adaco will achieve a high penetration in the hospitality market throughout Spain.” Together, the two firms are making the following products available to the hotel industry: · Global Hospitality System (all booking and room-related data) · Check-Out/In Kiosks · Internet Reservations · Property Management · Purchasing and receiving · Inventory control · Recipe and beverage revenue enhancement · Restaurant and Bar/Cafeteria Point of Sale · Food Service Sales and Catering · Retail Procurement, Inventory Control and Point of Sale · Operational Control and Analysis · Corporate Management · Financial Management and Accounting · Time Sharing · Money Card (hotel-branded) · Voucher Control, Online Reporting Tool, Corporate Database, and Hand-Held PDA (bar and cafeteria operations) · Storeroom requisition By partnering with Class One, Adaco can bring hotel customers throughout the U.S. local support throughout their operations, while expanding its presence in Spain.

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