PSAV’s LED Lighting ‘Wows’ Meeting Goers, Dresses Hotels, and Reduces Energy Costs

  • PSAV® Presentation Services
  • 02.19.08
LED Lighting is quickly replacing incandescent lighting at hotels, resorts and conference centers as a more cost effective way to provide scenic illumination throughout the hotel, according to PSAV® Presentation Services.

Whether dressing up a General Session or adding “pop” to empty rooms during site visits, LED lighting not only sets the scene, but its low power consumption helps facilities to conserve energy.

Westin Stonebriar Resort General Manager Craig Sundell is a big advocate for using LED lighting. The Frisco, Texas, property features LED lighting throughout the hotel.

“LED lights are great for building enthusiasm or providing a relaxing environment for a lounge after a day of long meetings,” he said. “They don't take up much room and can be pretty dynamic. Whether we're matching colors for a holiday or to accent a company’s brand, we are able to put down just a few LED's to apply a simple yet effective transformation.”

Sundell said his team likes using LED fixtures because they “pack bright light output in a small attractive package.” Because an LED consumes such small amounts of power, it can be placed without a large electrical strain or need for special connectors (LED lights require a basic Edison-style U.S. 3-prong household plug). In addition, the lights can be programmed to many different colors/effects without the use of controllers, and in most cases, without the use of a dedicated technician at all times.

All LED lights provided by PSAV are Energy Star compliant and use up to 80 percent less energy than incandescent lights. PSAV has identified three of the latest LED fixtures, such as the new Color Split from AC Lighting, to serve as its standard. These fixtures will permit locations to choose an LED light that best serves its needs.

“The Color Split LED fixture used by PSAV has many great features designed specifically for the hospitality and staging industries,” said Fred Mikeska, V.P. of U.S. Sales and Marketing for AC Lighting Inc. “PSAV’s valuable insight and feedback into what their customers would like to see in an LED fixture was instrumental during the design process.”

Brian Lagestee, PSAV Senior Vice President/Technology & Development, said LED lighting is really growing in popularity in hospitality especially among event planners and producers who are interested in learning how they can reduce their environmental footprint.“LEDs are a great way for facilities to conserve energy and emissions,” Lagestee said. “In addition, the color wash and accent light effects easily enhance any space throughout the hotel.”

Timothy Hawkins, PSAV regional technical trainer at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa in California, concurred. He said LED technology is quickly replacing incandescent lighting where power consumption and heat are a major factor. “Often in hotel and event-services situations, there is a limited amount of AC power available,” Hawkins said. “LED's consume much less energy and produce relatively no heat, whereas the legacy counterpart was just the opposite. Typically before LED fixtures became available, incandescent ‘PAR’ lights were used for up lighting and color washes and required that plenty of power be available and they could not be placed anywhere in the vicinity of any object that could catch fire or be damaged by high heat. LEDs do not create the kind of heat similar to traditional incandescent fixtures making them much safer to use when positioned near fabrics.”

The color mixing, flexibility, variety of LED fixtures available, and control of Hue, Intensity and Saturation also make LED lighting a must for all events where mood and scene are a priority.

For example, The Hyatt Regency Miami uses LED lighting considerably for event functions. LEDs are used for catering functions about 45 percent of the time and growing, about 50 percent of the time for large ballroom and convention functions, and 100 percent of the time for outdoor events. 

Likewise, The Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumburg, Ill., uses LED lights to dress up its atrium. The lights are connected to a five-fixture power supply, each with an on-board timer that allows the fixtures to automatically turn on and off at various times throughout the day. This is a great way to create ambience or compliment themes in the public spaces.  Since LEDs have color mixing capability, PSAV’s on-site event technology experts can quickly change the color at a moments notice.

“LED Curtains are growing in popularity,” said Stephan Earl, PSAV Regional Vice President of Operations overseeing the Hyatt Regency Miami. “This is a step up from the older-style fiber-optic draping. LEDs arranged with a reasonably close pixel pitch—either sewn into a curtain or placed into square interlocking blocks—enable us to display logos, words or designs of any type creating a dynamic scenic piece or even a video wall. The hotel’s corporate customers really like projecting their logo for events in the meeting rooms and throughout the hotel.”
Besides using LED lighting for staging, it also is being used in digital signage and hotel reader boards at hotels nationwide. “Whatever the purpose, LED lighting is truly becoming the wave of the future and a sure-fire way to keep meeting planners and event participants entertained,” PSAVs Lagestee said.

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