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Roomlinx Upgrades HSIA at Phoenix-area Hilton

  • Roomlinx
  • 02.19.08
As the demand for bandwidth continues to rise, the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa recently upgraded its wired and wireless Roomlinx High-Speed Internet Access service.

The 260-room corporate hotel now provides 10 times the originally installed bandwidth to allow for more stable, uninterrupted connectivity and error correction.

Roomlinx HSIA is the choice for properties demanding a robust and reliable Internet infrastructure.  The company began providing HSIA to the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa in June 2005. The recent upgrade entailed designing and building a high capacity, resilient, standards-based core network and backbone that has sufficient capacity to support high levels of usage and media-rich applications over the Internet.

“We wanted to enhance the mobility and flexibility of our Internet-access for guests,” said General Manager Gary Levine. “Years back, Roomlinx implemented an ideal network that used DSL technology to provide the connectivity to the wireless access points. This technology, although it was the right solution at the time, quickly became insufficient due to a demand explosion among our guests for wireless connectivity. 

“Therefore, we worked with Roomlinx to design a more robust and higher capacity backbone that allowed us to upgrade the service to a standards-based network architecture,” he said. “The new architecture is highly available, self-healing and complies to industry standards. Though the upgrade has been relatively recent, we can already see a higher level of guest satisfaction.”

Wireless connectivity is available throughout the hotel, including the pool area, restaurant and lobby. All meeting rooms and guest suites are equipped with both wired and wireless HSIA, while the majority of sleeping rooms provide wireless-only access. The wired ports offer the guest additional security and meet strict policy standards from organizations such as government agencies and banks.

“Our partnership with Roomlinx creates an environment for guests to experience reliable, first-class service,” Levine said. “We are very pleased with the system’s excellent coverage and customer service.

“The professional team at Roomlinx offers advanced, solid solutions backed by proactive technical support. From training to sales to support, all our Roomlinx contacts have been very cooperative - it’s obvious they’re experienced in their field,” he said.

Michael Wasik, Roomlinx CEO, said he is pleased with not only the immediate results of the upgrade, but also the relationship that has been built with the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa over the past several years.

“It is rewarding when an excellent hotel like the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa, makes the decision to implement our technology and continue to upgrade with our solution,” Wasik said.  “We take pride in providing a product that enhances the guest experience as well as meets the hotels expectations.”


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