Accuracy, Automation, Artificial Intelligence: An All-In-One Approach to Revenue and Labor Management

  • Carnus Systems
  • 09.11.06
After consecutive successes with its highly accurate F&B forecaster at major hotels such as the 966-room Hyatt Regency Jacksonville and the 338-room Pan Pacific Hotel San Francisco, Carnus Systems launched its latest product, the automated Revenue & Labor Management System (Auto-RLM).

The Auto-RLM is based on the same patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) platform that resulted from three years of research and development and formed the foundation of the successful F&B Forecaster. Carnus’s new Auto-RLM offers the following unique features:
· Rooms demand forecasting (i.e. occupancy, arrivals, departures, and guest count)
· Revenue forecasting
· ADR forecasting and optimization (includes real-time competitive rate reporting)
· Automated departmental labor scheduling
Timothy D’Auria, director of data analytics at Carnus Systems, said, “By implementing the Carnus Auto-RLM, hotel managers will be able to forecast revenue, maximize ADR, view competitors’ rates and staff departments in minutes, tasks that have historically taken up to 12 hours per week to do manually.”
Carnus rooms and food and beverage forecasting technology has continuously demonstrated accuracies that exceed human guesswork by a sizeable 15–25 percent, and often much more.
“Carnus Systems is the first and only company to offer this non-linear technology to the hotel industry. We found that most revenue management systems (RMS) are prohibitively expensive for many hotels, making it difficult to achieve satisfactory returns on investment. Additionally, these RMS do not offer any features to calculate labor schedules, one of the industry’s largest ongoing costs. Considering this need, we chose to build on our successful AI platform and create an affordable solution that addresses revenue management and labor scheduling needs into one easy-to-use product. The result is our Carnus Automated Revenue & Labor Management System (Auto-RLM) which consists of an automated revenue forecasting, yield management and labor scheduling tool that is as easy to use as uploading a few daily report files and clicking a mouse,” said Vicky Lee, CEO of Carnus Systems.

Although the technology behind the Carnus product is highly advanced, the end-user features are kept simple and straightforward, helping to keep the product affordable. In addition, no physical interface is required between a hotel’s PMS and the Carnus line of products, saving significant costs. Instead of the costly interface, a manager only needs to upload his/her existing daily reports to the Web-based Carnus Auto-RLM which then utilizes its artificial intelligence software to produce immediate, automatic and highly accurate forecasting, pricing and labor scheduling results.
No software or hardware purchase is required for a hotel to begin using the Carnus Auto-RLM, which differentiates it from alternative technology solutions available in the hotel industry today. As long as the user has access to the Internet, he/she can use all the features of the Carnus product. Additionally, this Web-based feature means that a manager or owner can access his/her hotel’s specific pricing, forecasting or staffing information from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.


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