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  • dormakaba
  • 02.26.08
Kaba Ilco Inc., a worldwide leader in access control solutions announced an agreement with ResortQuest to install the Oracode keyless access system for its managed properties.

This partnership is result of the successful long-standing relationship that Kaba Ilco Inc. shares with ResortQuest. ResortQuest has been using the Oracode lock for several years in various locations.
“We’re impressed by the Oracode lock performance and also by the service commitment from Kaba Ilco Inc,” said Cotty Gaffney, vice president, operations, ResortQuest.

Through this agreement, additional Oracode locks will be installed in vacation rental units managed by ResortQuest throughout North America. The Oracode is a pushbutton lock that operates using time-sensitive PIN-based credentials. These credentials are issued remotely using Web-based software.

The system permits the generation of time sensitive codes via the Internet months or even years in advance. The generated codes are similar to credentials on a keycard system. The codes will only work between the start and finish parameters that were used to originate the code.

The Oracode was first introduced in 2002. Kaba Ilco Inc. is the pioneer in developing the Oracode system marking it as technology that is before its time. Over the years, ILCO has made great strides in refining and improving the finer details of this PIN-based technology. The Oracode has since been installed in thousands of rooms globally.

“The Oracode has been designed to meet the unique access control needs of vacation rental properties. We are proud to have been selected as the electronic security provider for ResortQuest,” said Bernard Lefebvre, vice president, Oracode, Kaba Ilco Inc. “The Internet-based Oracode system brings simplicity and enhanced security to keyless access for the industry.

“Such a feature brings a great deal of benefit to the vacation rental industry where codes can be sent to the vacation owners before their scheduled vacation,” added LeFebvre.

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