Telkonet Advances Smart Energy Management Control with new SS1107 Controller

  • Telkonet
  • 03.12.08
Telkonet, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for broadband networking, end-to-end service support and energy management, announced the availability of the new Telkonet SS1107 Energy Management Controller, representing significant advances in versatility, interoperability with other equipment and overall performance.

The powerful new Telkonet SS1107 controller incorporates key design innovations, including compatibility with a wide range of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) equipment and third party sensors, for maximum installation flexibility.

Compared to the previous SS1106 model, the Telkonet SS1107 controller’s communications have been radically enhanced, with a dedicated port for high-speed communication and the ability to support future mesh networking technology, in line with Telkonet's development plans for its networked Telkonet SmartEnergy (TSE) system.
Other major features include operating at much higher data rates, typically 100 times faster, for extended performance and future proofing. The SS1107 provides instant visual verification of the radio signal strength between the sensor and base station devices, for confirmation of installation quality. Flexible mounting options ensure that any outlet location can be accommodated, making the controller substantially easier to install. Users can also access more run time statistical data, for enhanced performance analysis, tracking, spanning a wide array of parameters, such as heating and cooling status, room occupancy patterns and the status of the wireless communications with current room sensors.

“The introduction of the 1107 continues the evolution of our Telkonet SmartEnergy solution,” said Jeff Sobieski, Telkonet’s executive vice president of energy management. “Our goal is to ensure our technology is flexible and adaptable. We can now interoperate with a large majority of PTACs – enlarging our potential audience by a considerable factor. Our development activity is focused on the concept of energy management networking to create the most reliable and efficient communications platform, supported by centralized control and reporting.”

The Telkonet SS1107 Energy Management Controller offers numerous advantages compared to previous-generation designs, with the following product enhancements.

  • Field upgradeable – Flash-based CPU enables the controller’s firmware to be kept up to date easily, ensuring long-term future-proofing
  • Increased compatibility – Operates with virtually any PTAC, irrespective of age and type, including lower-voltage systems and mini splits, plus interfaces with third-party occupancy sensors
  • Faster operating speed with higher data rate – Serial speed is 100 times faster than the previous model
  • Improved installation speed and flexibility – With flexible mounting options, accommodates any outlet location, auto-calibrating light sensor for reliable installation verification, and visible radio strength indicator to show quality link between sensors and base station
  • Advanced patio/lanai door or window monitoring – Dry contact switch inputs enable the PTAC to be turned off when doors or windows are opened and operates optionally with the Telkonet SS2020 wireless door sensor
  • Temperature calibration flexibility – Supports calibration at absolute rather than relative values, with adjustable setpoint limits adjustable for heating-only/cooling-only systems
  • Load shedding on demand – Extra dry contact supports the ability to perform load shed events when used in conjunction with other services
  • Patented Recovery Time™ Technology with enhanced statistical analysis – Incorporates Telkonet’s proven room-by-room energy-saving technology, prioritizing energy efficiency and customer comfort, with greater recording of run-time statistics for improved diagnostics
  • Enhanced data statistics – Captures detailed statistics for better troubleshooting/maintenance to proactively identify failing PTACs, dirty filters, low refrigerant, etc.
  • Extended product life – Improved HAVC algorithm protects the HVAC system from excessive run time
  • SmartView remote viewing software - Seamlessly integrates with the SS1107 to enable the convenient monitoring of an entire multiproduct energy management system, as well as easy data download, from a single access point

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